Tips of safe and wise – online shopping in Saudi Arabia

The rapid growth of Internet usage across the world has paved way for online shopping all over the world. The trend is same for Arab world, including Saudi Arabia. A peep into the exponential growth of the main players in this industry indicates that online shopping in Saudi Arabia is an emerging trend among the consumers. Using the internet to purchase goods or services saves considerable time and effort – and also presents you with the widest choice. There are, however, risks associated with online shopping and one have to take care with what you are purchasing, from whom, and how you pay for your purchases. Here are the tips for safe and wise- online shopping in Saudi Arabia

  1. Always go for trusted e-store for online shopping

A good shopping experience starts with a reliable e-store. Online shopping can turn into a bad experience if you shop for unauthentic e-store. In the Middle East, E-commerce is relatively new, it is important for the user to understand the reliable users for the site. is among the trusted e-store where users can get safe and secure shopping experiences. If you don’t know the store, you just need to take a few more precautions. Conduct the background check of the site by looking a dedicated to review of the e-stores.

  1. Always check the company’s shipping terms.

Some e-store charge exorbitant shipping fees to the customers that can turn you’re shopping into an expensive mistake. Always have a look of the final amount of the product and compare it with other existing website and check if they provide transparent tracking system.

  1. Look for offers, coupons or discount code and beware of hard to believe offer

Before placing any order it’s always lucrative search for offer and discount prevailing over the site. Offers can save a significant amount of your purchase and can turn your shopping into a profitable deal. For those who love offer better go for  site for great offers. Also, remember any e-store that offers too much at too low price is suspicious. Business is done to get profit if any supplier is offering lump sum offer on the product do check the manufacturing date, status and authenticity of the product.

  1. Always use a secure and computing environment for the transaction

Try to avoid making tractions when using a public network. If your computer isn’t protected from malicious software than your financial information and passwords is at risk. This concept is so basic, yet only a fraction of people in Saudi Arabia follow it. Use a secure connection –If you use a wireless network it needs to be encrypted so someone who is lurking outside the house can’t collect your information. And look for the cash on delivery option if you are not satisfied with the information available over the website better not to go for the deal. souqpros provide COD option to the users so it’s better to prefer them for online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Avoid providing more than necessary information for the sale

For a successful deal E-store  except some of your details to the website such as method of payment, shipping address, telephone number, and email address, but if the any site is asking for more information which is not relevant to order better avoid those site. Never-ever provide your security information of your account, social security information, or driver’s license number. However there are sites which prefer to know more about the customer and take some questions about the customer interests, but these should always be optional and you should be cautious about providing the information. Always read the privacy policy and security policy of the e-store to ensure that the merchant does not resell, rent, or share your information? Stick to the companies that respect the privacy of the customer.

  1. Card Safety

Consider designating one credit card that is only for online shopping and transactions. And by allocating dedicated card for online shopping you can save your other account for getting hacked and you can also quickly shut down your card for when getting information of faulty transactions.

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