Tips on Picking an Electronic Air Cleaner In a Budget

Many home owners think air purifiers and humidifiers are required only for those houses where inmates are asthmatic. This, however, is not true. An air purifier can help retaining the freshness of house too, allowing the owner to delay calling a home renovation expert. The market is studded with a variety of air purifiers and this multiplicity of choices calls for the need to compare air purifiers intelligently to pick the best alternative. Here are some of the tips you can consider for choosing an air purifier that suits your home as well as budget.

Check for portability

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying an electronic air cleaner. Mostly, you will find air purifiers in 10 to 20lbs of weight. These have handles and a flat stand at the bottom. But, if you need an air cleaner larger in size, then wheels can bring in the mobility factor to your model.

Air purifiers with fan

A fan plays the role of suck in the air for purification purpose. Some sellers promote air cleaners without fan as these are quieter. But, the truth is that the air purifiers with fan do not clean the air as expected. So, if you need a competent air purifier, try not to get affected by the noise. The users can pick a home air purifier with programmed timer. With this facility, they can set the gadget to a specific time for purifying the air while they are away to work.

Air cleaner with servicing indicator

Your gadget cannot continue to act as the best room air purifier if you do not take care of it. While filtering the air for months and months, the dust particles and allergens accumulate inside the machine and can clog it completely. So, if there is a servicing indicator given, one can take care of the maintenance needs of the machine and keep it functional over an extended period of time.

Dirt sensor makes the air cleaner genuinely smart

This is the age of smart gadgets; then why not choose an air cleaner that oozes smartness in its functioning? Some air purifiers are provided with dirt sensors. With these sensors, the machine can assess the level of purification required and run automatically at the suitable speed for the required time period. Thus, one need not bother about adjusting the speed or set the duration; the machine adjusts itself to the cleaning requirements on its own.

Adjustable speed

A user may not be in the mental state to put up with the sound produced by the machine at the highest speed. Thus, it is necessary to find the air purifier with a speed selector so that the user can have minimal sound around when he wants the room to be relatively quieter.

Things to avoid

Here are some of the features one can avoid while buying an air cleaner for home:

  • Machine with HEPA filters: These air purifiers need frequent replacement of the filters
  • Ionizer equipped air filter: Such air cleansers may emit lung irritants

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