This is why LED Bulbs are a Must-Buy

Electric bulbs and lamps are the most basic home decor accessories one can think of. With the advancements in this field, these bulbs have also evolved into LED bulbs, halogen bulbs etc. Read on to understand what you get out of a LED Lamp deal.

The search for a power-efficient bulb option ends rightly in an LED Lamp or LED bulb. Though a number of varieties such as halogen, CFL or incandescent lamps have hit the shelves, but when it comes to being a power-efficient performer, the LED bulb has no competition. This bulb is being appreciated for a variety of reasons, so it is advisable to know better of this.

The LED bulbs India market is driven largely by the need to achieve power-efficiency. Everybody wants to get a cut in energy bills and cannot imagine life without electric appliances and illuminants also. So, find here the important facts why LED bulb is always the best choice for home decor.

  1. Power-efficient: LED bulbs have high lumen to watt ratio. Thus, the user gets more lighting period per watt of power consumed. Isn’t this the most appealing reason that makes an LED bulb a must-have for your premise – both personal and commercial? To add to the pleasure, LED consumes 90% less energy than a bulb with a filament. Thus, not only the LED gives more light per watt, it also consumes less energy for emanating the given amount of light.
  1. Long lasting bulbs: LED bulbs have commendable life expectation. These bulbs are equipped with better thermal management. The LED bulbs achieve this by removing heat through heat holes, thereby preventing the temperature to reach the dangerous extremes which is the ultimate cause of sudden expiry of normal electric bulbs.
  1. Safe and eco-friendly: LED bulbs do not contain any harmful elements like Lead or Mercury. Also, they do not get dangerously hot after prolonged use. Thus, LED bulbs are easy to handle and can be taken out easily even when they are kept on for hours. There is no glass body or filament to bother about in an LED bulb. These highly efficient bulbs have minimal carbon emissions. Switching to LED bulbs is an eco-friendly step as it reduces the CO2 levels in the surroundings. LED bulbs, unlike halogen, CFLs etc. do not have harmful gas emissions that can wreak havoc to health if their vapors are inhaled by mistake.
  1. Multiple choices of buy: LED bulbs are available in a variety of shapes and styles. One gets to choose from candles, golf balls, tubes, GLS and other varieties. This multiplicity of design allows the user to pick the type that best complements the interiors of the room.
  1. Price: You may find LED bulb price to be quite competitive in comparison to other lighting materials. The buyer extracts the best from the LED price in the form of lumens he receives per wattage and also in shape of reduced electricity bills. Also, these long lasting bulbs do not call for frequent replacements.

Certainly the best deal!

LED bulbs because of the above mentioned features are the products worth knowing about. These bulbs are the ultimate answer to the home grooming needs and help keeping the premises greener. Their carbon footprint is minimal making them a futuristic lighting solution for homes, offices etc.

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