If You Think Not Clearing Iit-Jee Is The End, Think Again!

Life is all about how you manage plan B. This statement works in every walk of life including studies. The life after 12th std is very competitive. The students need to appear for a number of entrance tests which require the candidate to slog really hard to get into the professional courses after 12th. Degree from a reputed Engineering college is a dream of many, but very few achieve it. So, those who cannot make it to the list of achievers need not get depressed or fall off the track completely.

Accepting the weaknesses is strength in itself. So, though you may be a machine nerd, but entrance exams tactics may go overhead. Thankfully, there are diploma courses after 12th that you can still pursue if you do not want to take a year’s drop for preparing for IIT entrance exams. These diploma courses are available in the branch of your choice. It is worth understanding that there is a difference between living the IIT dream and pursuing the subject of your choice. If on clearing IIT, you are given the option of slogging in metallurgy and you are a mechanical engineering fan, then you definitely living a compromise rather than dream.

So, here is a list of diploma courses that you can consider pursuing in the best institute, following which a well-established career might await you. These courses are:

  1. Diploma in Automation Engineering: Automation is the essence of any modern workplace. This branch of study combines process engineering with software knowledge and allows the learner to conduct in-depth study of both fields. The experts in automation engineering are utilized in manufacturing department, product engineering department, etc and form the core of research and development process.
  2. Diploma in mobile software: If you have the gift of understanding the internal atmosphere of mobile phones and want to have an establishment of your own, you can pursue this course. You will get to know a variety of ways to keep the mobile phones functional and also to bring any broken phone back to work. This diploma is surely going to be your base for income in coming years as the number of mobile users is quite large and so are their problems.
  3. Diploma in biomedical engineering: This is another qualification that can make you a system expert at reputed healthcare institutes. The candidates qualified with this diploma can be absorbed at multispecialty hospitals where all health services like investigations as well as treatments are done with advanced machines. Taking care of such machines and calibrating them as per prevailing health standards is a prerogative of diploma students.
  4. Diploma in mechatronics: All machines are being enriched with electronics these days. So, this diploma is quite helpful for getting jobs where machines and electronics come together. The diploma holder in this field can be appointed as maintenance specialist of these modern machines that work electronically and their producing better output is the responsibility of this work profile.

So, dreaming big does not require validation of entrance exams. Take stock of all other options available and pick the best Institute for Diploma Courses After 12th, joining which can support your career in the long run.

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