Things To Look For When Buying A Fan

Fans are an integral part of Indian summers. These are the months that get very hot and it is next to impossible to survive without at least a couple of fans. Ours being a hot country, manufacturers have gone out of their way to bring out a variety of products to keep people cool. There are ceiling fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, table fans and personal fans. When you buy ceiling fan, make sure that you keep in mind the following things.

Air delivery

Air delivery is perhaps the most important thing about a fan. So when you buy fan online, make sure that the air delivery it offers is superlative. Dealing with the heat gets tough in the summer. But when the fan is switched on but the air delivery is not satisfactory, it can get doubly frustrating. Good air delivery is something that should not be compromised with.

Sweep size

The next thing to know about buying ceiling fan is its sweep size. The more the sweep size, the more comfortable you are going to feel. The sweep size depends on the size of the blades. This means that the longer the fan blades, the better it is going to be for you. When you choose a fan with a good sweep size, you can be assured that the cooling you get will be satisfactory.

The number of blades

When you buy ceiling or wall fan, the more the number of blades, the better air delivery it is going to offer. Basically, the higher the number of blades, the better the cooling you are going to enjoy. Usually, you will get fans with the number of blades between 2 and 5. Choose one with higher blades for the maximum comfort in your home.


Air delivery is not the only thing to consider when you are shopping for a fan. Style is important too. Today, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. The fan you choose should go with the décor of your home. If the ceiling is white in color, a contrasting dark shade of fan can be a great idea. You can also choose soothing colors like white or beige. They are perfect for a more modern look.

A word on other types of fan

Ceiling fans are not the only type of fans out there. For people who want to buy exhaust fan online, it offers them the opportunity of having a clean and fresh kitchen. Indian households are known for the rich and spicy cooking everyday and that can bring about a lot of dirt and grime in the kitchens. An exhaust fan gets rid of a lot of the oil, moisture and grime during cooking and is the perfect solution if you hate a grimy kitchen.

If you want to buy fan online that has to be mounted on the wall for your personal use, then you have some great options. From styling to size, you can choose something that is in keeping with your own aesthetics. It is a good thing to check ceiling fan price before making a purchase.

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