Baby-Diaper Guide: What you need to know before buying

Maternity is a beautiful phase of life. The chronological departure from the routine lifestyle, the endeavour to embrace motherhood, months of waiting and the elation is at the zillionth storey when you finally become a mother. When your baby is born, its safety becomes the utmost priority. One of the foremost paraphernalia is getting the […]

Diaper Diaries: Myths you shouldn’t believe

I believe legends and myths are rarely made of truth – J.R.R Tolkien Myths can be quite confusing as it can cause paranoia in some. Therefore, it’s better for such hogwash to be busted especially in the case of diapers. Baby diapers are essential commodities for baby protection and care. One has to realise that […]

A Guide to Choose Diapers for a Newborn Baby

Being the parent to a newborn baby can be a very exciting time. It is exhausting work but the truth is that, you love every minute of it! You wouldn’t give up the experience for anything in the world. Choosing the best diapers for newborns is important because it is what they are going to […]