How to Select the Best Air Purifier for Home

Home is the breeding ground for a variety of odors and pollutants. Smell from cooking food, pet dander, and a variety of fumes etc can cause degradation in the quality of inside air. Thus, air purifier is an indispensable product for modern homes. ACH rates, price, coverage area etc are some of the deciding factors one needs to consider while buying air purifier for home.

Home becomes more welcoming if it smells good all the time, even after long period of keeping it locked. It is essential to ensure good quality of air to check the growth of allergens and also to increase the habitability of the inside spaces. A number of air purifier brands are available and picking the one that suits your home perfectly requires some retrospection. So, here are some must-haves on the list that should be checked out before buying the air purifier for your home sweet home.

  • High CADR rating: The volume of filtered air delivered by the air conditioner indicates the CADR level. The best air purifier for home is one that delivers the maximum clean air in a short span of time. If you are prone to allergy, then choose air cleaner that has a high CADR rating.
  • Energy-efficient rating: You need to find the best mix of CADR rating and energy efficiency in your air purifier. Some air purifiers have higher CADR, but they consume lot of energy too. So, higher CADR rating and Energy Star rating make the perfect combination of features for a home air purifier.
  • Replacement filter cost: Air filters are classified on the basis of the filter types they are equipped with. HEPA filters and carbon film filters are the most common and depending upon the usage, one needs to follow the replacement plan. It is advisable to find the filter cost also to land upon a truly affordable air purifier. When you choose to buy air purifier online, make sure to read the terms of the warranty. Some manufacturers entail the condition of changing filters as suggested to get the warranty cover.
  • Price: You must compare the air purifier prices while shopping online. Price is dependent on the quality of filter used mainly, among other things. Replacement of filter cost should also be taken into account as the association with the purifier is certainly going to be a longer one.
  • Power consumption: When the air purifier marks only the amps and volts, you can find the power consumption by multiplying the two. This is an important point to consider as air purifier, like refrigerator, will run continuously. Consumption between 50-200 watts can be expected from a good air purifier. This feature will affect the energy bill size too. Thus, pay close attention to it while shopping.
  • Brand reputation: You must check brand reputation before placing order for the safety of the money as well as purchase. Not all brands are worth trusting upon; therefore, it is important to associate with only that brand that can ensure good quality and better commitment.
  • Noise level: It is advisable to ask for the demo before you buy air purifier online. Air purifier works on fans that may produce noise. The model with adjustable noise level can guarantee you peaceful surroundings and better air quality.

So, when you are all set to select an air purifier for your home, take into consideration all these points and get the best possible air purifier for your home.

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