Role Played By FSSAI and FDAIn Maintaining Public Health

FSSAI or the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a consolidated statute which deals with food safety and all the rules and regulations that need to be complied with for running a food business in India. Answerable to the Government of India, the FSSAI is responsible for ensuring that public health is not affected adversely in any way due to the actions of a commercial food establishment.

In fact FSSAI Complianceis a must for any food business operator or food establishment who wants to commercially operate in India. There are certain licenses which they need to obtain and certain rules and regulations that they need to follow. Compliance with these rules and regulations is ensured by the fact that every food operator needs to get itself registered, and non-compliance of these rules and regulations attracts penaltiesand other forms of punishments.

The rules and regulations set by the FSSAI are aimed at:

  • Protecting the health of the citizens of India and
  • Ensuring that good health is promoted by the use of good quality raw materials and food products, whether cooked or uncooked.

Since there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed, it is always better to get in touch with anfssai license consultant who is well-versed with the procedures of the same. This consultant is responsible for smoothening the path of the food operator in the following areas:

  • The registration of the food business and the obtainment of the relevant licenses,
  • Ensuring proper packaging of the food products along with appropriate labelling,
  • Helping in Maintenance of standards as demanded by FSSAI with regards to the food products being sold and ensuring that the additives that are added are as per food safety compliance,
  • Following all prohibitions and restrictions that might be applicable on the sale of the food products being manufactured, imported or distributed,
  • Proper dealing, disposal and corrective measures as need to be taken in instances of food contamination or production of certain toxins and residues as by-products,
  • Ensuring that all rules and standards are adhered to with regards to the setting up and maintenance of the laboratories and proper sampling of the products and
  • Adhering to all the rules and laws governing the import of raw goods or manufactured products and the export of the same.

It is also the consultant’s job to ensure that not only are the laws, rules and procedures followed but also to facilitate speedy obtainmentof the required licenses so that the business or the food business operator (FBO) does not suffer. Renewals of licenses at the required time also come under the gambit of the consultant.

In fact the job of FSSAI is quite similar in some aspects to the authority exerted by the Food and drug administration which is also responsible for protecting the health of the people and also promoting good health. It achieves its goals by ensuring that the medicinal drugs, medical equipments and other biological used are perfectly safe and secure for human consumption. Hence all people involved with the manufacture and import of medicinal devices or equipments need to obtain a Medical equipment registration for operating in India. Even veterinary drugs used in India need to follow the rules set by FDA. Hence FSSAI and FDA work together unanimously to ensure the good health of all the citizens of India.

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