The Road to Becoming a Well-groomed Man

Out there is a cold world that spares no one and if you want to survive the competition of looks, you have to be full on with your grooming game. A range of different male grooming products are available that make things a child’s play. It’s time to buy them.

What is a man who does not look, tough, sturdy and a little dirty at the same time? After all, men don’t have time for grooming. If this is the approach you have been amused by and have been wondering why you are not a hot favorite amongst the opposite gender, we have some bad and some good news for you.

Let’s start with the not so good first. You my friend have been wrong all this while about the grooming concept. It is time you pick up the beard trimmer or the electric shaver and put it to use. The trick is to maintain a classy and clean look with all the sturdiness you have been looking forward to showcase. A messy but well-groomed man is amongst the top picks of where you have been looking forward to make it big.

Now, it’s time for the good news. There is a range of male grooming products available in the market that can take you from shabby to posh in just a few minutes. Do the following at your home and witness some awe inspiring moments. Go on, give these tips a try.

1) Give that beard a cookie: OK, not exactly, but give it something to feel proud of. Messy hair ends lurking out of your beard are nowhere near appealing. Long or short, irrespective of the length, you need to trim the edges of your beard to make it going for you. Use the trimmer go lightly over the edges with the comb of a perfect size and create a uniform beard length.

2) Clear the stubborn out of your stubble: You stubble needs all the care and attention in the world. Spend some time with it. Use an on-the-go styler or an electric shaver and maintain a look that is over the hook. In fact, studies have found that women are more attracted to men with a stubble rather than men with a clean shaven look, provided yours isn’t a sloppy one

3) Know that no nose hair are important: The first word that defines the tiny bits poking their noses out of your nose is gross. This is one of the many things that can put you off the social radar very easily and you need to be vigilant about it. Use a nose hair trimmer frequently. Let people admire your face and not disapprove of it because of these untidy mops. Personal grooming for men is as important as anything else you love to do. Keep this secret intact and follow it closely.

4) Listen to your ear hair, they need to go: Unwanted, weird and not at all fashionable, they make a statement so bad, people would start judging you. The rule is simple, don’t let the ends show. Body grooming for men is an essential and its time you make that a part of your to do list.

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