Renew your Lapsed Car Insurance Policy Online

Due to a busy schedule and the fast paced world we live in, it is sometimes difficult to remember all important dates. One such date which usually gets missed is motor insurance renewal. If you ever forget to renew your car insurance or have missed the car insurance expiry date you should be aware of what to do next.

Here are a few useful tips to help you in such a situation:

Select an Insurance Company:

You will have to select a company with the most cost-effective premium being offered for your car’s make as well as age. It is easier to get started with this process online. Simply, log on to an insurance aggregator site which will provide you with an estimated cost which will help you decide the insurance provider.

Get your Vehicle Surveyed:

Once you decide on an insurance provider, you will have to fix up a time at the earliest to request the company to send someone to survey your car. It is important to pursue this aggressively and get the inspection done immediately, as this procedure can take up a few days.

Mostly these are third-party surveyors, and 2-3 days might be needed for the survey results to reach the insurance company. In majority of the cases, there will be a minor fee charged for the survey.

Buy a Policy Straightaway:

Once the survey is completed, you should immediately buy the insurance. An important point to keep in mind is that the inspection is effective only for a day; therefore you are supposed to buy the policy within that time.

This is possible when you compare vehicle insurance online. In case of a lapsed policy, at times, you may not be able to pay online and hence may have to pay by cheque.  

An insurance aggregator site can help you compare the various car insurance options. The benefit of comparing and buying a car insurance online is that, many of these websites have many other useful features. For e.g. they will remind you to renew your policy before it expires so that you don’t find yourself in this position again.

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