Why you need alternatives to cotton for filling pillows

The most common filling in pillows since ages has been cotton. Due to decrease in areas dedicated to cotton production, the alternatives to cotton are being tried and tested. Limited supply of cotton due to decrease in farming areas throughout the world is just one of the many reasons for finding alternatives. Explained here is a detailed overview of what other reasons have inspired the researchers to give pillows newer alternatives to cotton filling.

  1. Difficult to maintain: Not all the regions of the world are dry and hot. Some get rain throughout the year; others have higher levels of humidity as compared to others. In humid conditions, the natural cotton tends to soak moisture and become smelly. So, the next suitable option is to have pillow fillings made of manmade or synthetic fiber.
  2. Makes pillow bulky: The main use of pillow is to offer comfort to the neck. But, natural cotton filled pillows are found to be very bulky. These fibers fill up the whole inner space and make pillows extremely stiff for neck. The hollow fill pillow having only thin cotton cloth sheath on the outside and polyester or microfiber filling inside is found to be more suitable for neck health. These pillows do not need cleaning of filling on regular basis too.
  3. Development of germs: Natural cotton fiber in humid conditions and also with time, otherwise, becomes the breeding ground of various kinds of pests. These pests ooze harmful chemicals and are big threat to the pillow hygiene. The possibility of pest growth is fully eliminated in organic bed pillows made using pest-proof fibers made of materials other than cotton.
  4. Low aesthetic value: Cotton filled pillows look very bulky and cannot make good throw pillow choices. The sofa sets, side benches etc. can be suitably decorated with organic throw pillows that demand low maintenance and have high aesthetic value.
  5. Growing popularity of organic materials: Cotton fibers need to be treated with pesticides and other chemicals to prevent pest outbreak before employing as filling for pillows. Some people develop allergies due to the chemical release. They also feel suffocated while sleeping on pillows due to chemical build-up. The answer to this problem is found in organic wool pillow that stays fresh for long.
  6. Increasing demand for luxury pillows: High end buyers are ready to pay premium price in lieu of added comfort and guarantee of good health. They are attracted towards the options like aloe vera pillows that work better than cotton filled pillows. Even for decorative purposes, they are considering organic throw pillows so that their homes ooze health and freshness from every corner.

Too soft and too comfortable to feel, the organic pillows are taking over cotton filled pillows in popularity and demand. The increase in number of people searching for organic bounce pillows for sale reported by the online marketers suggest that the days of cotton filling pillows are fading away. The desire for healthier, softer and long-lasting, and not to forget, low-maintenance pillow has worked as prime reason for exploring alternatives to cotton pillows.

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