MamyPoko pant style diapers- Always a right pick

MamyPoko happens to be the first ever brand to introduce pant style diapers in India. With MamyPoko pants the mothers get to enhance the experience of motherhood. Apart from the joys of becoming a mother, there comes so many tasks relating to the hygiene of the babies that are hectic. Choosing the right baby essentials is one of them. The main among all the baby essentials are the diapers. Today, a diaper is of a great significance when it comes to keeping the babies clean and free of germs.


MamyPoko aims at making the experience of motherhood more relaxing and less troublesome. It has introduced the technologically enhanced pant style diapers that stays dry all night and lets your baby have a peaceful and comfortable sleep. These pants are not only leakage free but they fit the babies very well. It has diaper pants available in different sizes so that you can pick the right one according to your baby’s growth.


 Not only sizes but there are pants in different categories as well-


  1. New born – The skin of a new born is much likely and brittle to catch rashes and get hurt, hence, the mother of a new born is always selective to the diaper brand. In such cases, they can always choose mamy poko new born pack. It comes with a soft touch inner sheet for their delicate skin and naval care shape which keeps the umbilical cord untouched and uncovered.


  1. Extra absorb (Crisscross absorbent sheet technology) – The mamy poko pants extra absorb small is the best for babies between 4-8kgs. It has a crisscross absorbent sheet which can absorb upto 7 glasses of liquid and also spreads it equally which prevents heaviness. It also comes with a stretchable thigh support which keeps from any gap between the baby’s thighs and the pants preventing any leakage.


  1. Kid’s pants – With the growing of babies, their bladder capacity also increases and hence, they need diapers which can hold larger amount of liquid. Mamy poko kid’s pants are exactly what they need because it not only absorbs upto 500ml liquid but comes with a breathable cotton sheet.


  1. Standard – The MamyPoko standard pants are the most affordable pant style diaper variant brand in the market. It has the capacity of absorbing for 10hours and is very easy to use and dispose.


  1. Airfit – The MamyPoko pants airfit is made with the revolutionary Japanese technology which ensures a perfect fit to the babies. It has features like breathable cover sheet, soft fit gather, stretchy material and wetness indicator. It also comes with a roll-up tape.


  1. MamyPoko pants XXXL – The MamyPoko pants XXXL is the perfect pick for mothers with babies between 18-35kgs. It keeps the babies from bedwetting in the night when they are still learning to use the toilet. It absorbs upto 6 glasses of liquid keeping your baby dry all night ensuring a peaceful sleep.



MamyPoko pant style diapers are the best not only in terms of usage but price or affordability as well. It is such a brand that every parent can afford, buy and start using from the very first day of their child’s life. Its various categories promise the best care for your child and a motherhood more joyous for you.

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