Why Long Terms Courses After 10th Are Catching Up With Students

Education system in India forces students to study a variety of subjects which they might not be even interested in. Thankfully, there are long term courses after 10th introduced so that the students need not waste two more years before reaching the stage of studying the subjects of their choice. If your dream of reaching the prestigious institutes is cut short by failing the entrance exam, you can now continue pursuing your preferred branch of study with these long terms courses. What can you do after 10th or 12th Std. to form strong base for a flourishing career? Let’s take a look.

  1. Long terms courses after 12th: Long term courses, also known as integrated courses after 12th, consist most of the subjects which are similar to the curriculum of a typical engineering course. Especially, the Mechanical Engineering Courses have structure similar to the degree course. The added advantage comes in the form of constant industrial training and continual internships which form the major part of such long terms courses. While an engineering degree course student is busy scoring grades in hundreds of the tests, those pursuing long terms courses get better exposure to industrial environment and earn the chance to master the practical aspect of concepts taught in a classroom.
  2. Hybrid courses after 12th: Some branches of engineering are incorporating two different subjects taught in two distinct disciplines. For example, mechatronics courses in Delhi are giving the students exposure to mechanical engineering and electronics branches. There are subjects under this stream that are focused on making the machines smarter and faster, and more yielding. The change is the rule of nature and this rule is applicable in education system too. The students who want to do something different other than being part of mad race of killing the competitive exams can carve their niche silently as well more convincingly with such hybrid courses which are nowhere available in vanilla engineering degree courses.
  3. Integrated courses after 10th: If you want to start working on your favorite branch of study earlier than others, you can think of joining integrated courses just after 10th. These courses run for 4-5 years and consist of subjects that are more inclined to practical learning and better application. The students pursuing these courses are conferred with Masters’ equivalent degree at the end of the term. Thus, they are saving their years two fold. Firstly, they are not wasting time in coaching only for entrance exams; secondly, the whole term after 10th which is a period of about 8-10 years is reduced to 5-6 years. These courses also offer the students considerable flexibility to pursue industry-relevant courses side by side, so that they can enrich their resumes further.

So, world is actually wider and beyond engineering entrance exams. The need is to make students aware of the newer and more innovative options available. There are institutes that invite applications from 10th pass students and conduct counseling sessions too, where alternatives to engineering degree are extensively discussed. Search for these courses when you don’t want to go entrance exam way to proceed further with the higher studies.

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