Some Long Term Career Options To Choose From

Long Term Courses After 10thThe completion of class 10 is a major hurdle in the life of a student. It is after this that students have to decide on a long term career option he wants to pursue. With the education system undergoing a drastic change to become more in sync with the available job opportunities, it has become even more confusing for the student to choose a stream.

In fact today students from the stream of arts and commerce are tough contenders for several jobs which were considered to be solely meant for science students. Hence parameters have changed and any student wanting to pursue Long term courses after 10th should actively think about his aptitude and liking before selecting the same.

Some popular courses and streams from which students need to make a choice are pre-university courses or PUC with either:

  • Science combinations: Selecting this can lead to a host of career opportunities like:
    • Medical profession and Para-medical sciences,
    • Pharmacy,
    • Veterinary sciences,
    • Engineering,
    • Options for proceeding further with science subjects etc.
  • Arts combinations: This results in following up the 2 year higher secondary course with graduation and higher studies in a host of subjects belonging to the arts stream like sociology, psychology. Political science, economics etc.
  • Commerce combinations: While graduation and post-graduation can also be done in subjects of commerce stream like accountancy, economics, commerce, business mathematics etc., a commerce student can also opt for Chartered accountancy, Cost accountancy, Finance management etc.

While the choice of the above combinations also determines which Long term courses after 12th, a student needs to undertake, there are several other options too which can be taken up after class 10 like:

  • Diploma courses: In general the eligibility criterion of these courses is successful completion of class 12 after which students need to undergo a further 3year diploma course in their chosen field. Some of the courses offered are:
    • Diploma in the various fields of engineering,
    • Diploma in fields related to hospital and medicine,
    • Diploma related to management options etc.
  • Design and arts: Courses pertaining to the creative fields of designing and arts too open up lucrative opportunities in sectors pertaining to fashion designing, garment technology, ceramic designing, animation etc.
  • Entertainment: Improving creative and technical skills related to the field of entertainment can make students opt for a career in script-writing, direction, editing, make-up etc.
  • Education: This can be followed up by students of any stream but they have to opt for a bachelor’s degree in education. Of course people opting for Montessori and post-graduate teacher’s training etc., are also able to get quite a satisfying career.
  • Other fields: There are several other fields which can also be taken up like sports and physical education if a student is good at sports, library sciences, event management, public relations etc.

One course which has become very popular in the past few years is Mechatronics courses in Delhi. It is a perfect combination of electronics and the field of mechanical engineering, this multidisciplinary field deals with the development of new machinery, tools and other products like robots etc. It is a very interesting field with a lot of scope and adventure for students opting for the same.

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