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Photography generally involves buying a camera and starting to shoot pictures with it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different options available that in order to become a good photographer, one has to know and understand how each works. Only then can he improve his eye for photography and get ample appreciation for the moments captured by him.

Today there are a number of well known institutions which offer photography courses in India. Some of the courses offered include:

  • BFA or Bachelor in Fine Arts is a 4 year degree course offered by many universities and can also be followed up with a 2 year Masters course from the same university.
  • Or Bachelor of Science degree is a 3 year course in photography and cinematography which can be followed up with 5 year MSc degree course.
  • Other short term photography courses are also offered by various institutions and these courses concentrate of specific aspects of photography. These courses generally consist of only practical classes or workshops and help you to fine tune your photography skills. They also provide ample opportunity for hands-on learning during the tenure of the course.

What is taught in photography class

Irrespective of whether you have availed of online digital photography tutorials or photography classes, the basics that are taught are:

  • Photoshop: Since photo-editing is a mandatory part of photography, it is imperative for a photographer to know the proper use of this software thoroughly. The quality of the output of images captured depends
    • Primarily on the photographers ability to capture moments and
    • His finesse with smudging and airbrushing techniques.
  • Purposeful photography: A photographer needs to develop an eye for capturing images at the right time, right moment and right circumstances. This, in itself, is not an easy task and needs a lot of learning and practise under the guidance of professionals.
  • Basic photography rules: In order to use a digital camera effectively, one needs to learn and understand a lot of options and also follow certain guidelines and rules with regards to:
    • Balancing the elements, especially of colour,
    • Leading lines on which to focus,
    • Viewpoint,
    • Depth of an image captured,
    • Maintaining the correct background etc.
  • Understanding the camera: The camera is the instrument which you use to tell the story behind every moment captured. But, in order, for it to follow your instructions, you need to understand every bit of it. Only then will you be able to use it to capture unique, precise and crisp images and moments.
  • Advanced techniques: Most of the degree courses offered are comprehensive programs on photography. Hence they teach the basics as well as advanced techniques as an amateur photographer progresses through the courses. Since there is no end to learning, these techniques can be further fine-tuned by taking special photography courses.

Today there is a huge demand for professional photographers and nothing can be better than converting your hobby into your profession. Hence it is important to choose the right course and learn the basics of photography before embarking on this journey of shooting images par excellence.

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