What Are The Latest Features In Full Automatic Washing Machines?

There are many benefits of investing in a fully automatic machine. A typical fully-automatic washer will have a wide range of programs and features, allowing you to do the washing and drying automatically. It enhances the ease of washing while saving you time and effort.

There are two main types of fully-automatic washers – the top load washing machine and front loading machine. If you are planning to get a new washing machine, here you will learn about the main programs and features of the latest washers.

Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Top-loading fully automatic washers are available in capacities starting from 6.5 kg to 8 kg. You should choose the right one based on your family size and washing frequency. Some of the main features that you should consider when you compare top loading washing machines with other types of washers are as following:

  • 360-Degree Turbo Jet Wash: This technology provides a complete wash to your clothes. It increases washing performance and reduces amount of detergent required, making washing easier.
  • Fuzzy Logic: This technology will regularly monitor factors like water level, load imbalance, door lid open/close and laundry weight to adjust washing. It helps improve overall efficiency.
  • Single-key Spin: This feature allows you to dry clothes quickly during any stage of the washing process.
  • Direct Drive Invertor Technology: This features has a motor fixed directly to the drum that helps increase efficiency by saving water and electricity, and makes washing a better experience by reducing vibrations and noise.
  • Soak Wash: If your budget allows you to pay the washing machine fully automatic price, you can also find a washer with the soak wash technology. It will help remove the toughest dirt and stains.
  • 3D Water Fall Washing: This feature creates strong push/pull that helps the detergent to effectively saturate the clothes, remove dirt, and prevents clothes from entangling.

Front Loading Fully-Automatic Washers

As the name suggests, front loading washers allow you to add clothes from the front of the machine and not the top. When it comes to front load washing machine price, these washers cost slightly more than the top loaders for the same laundry capacity. These machines are usually available in capacities ranging from 6 kg to 7.5 kg.

Key Features

Some of the main features and technologies found in the latest front-loading fully-automatic washers are as following:

  • Clothes Add On: This technology allows you to add clothes even during the wash cycle. There is no need to start the wash cycle from the start. But the best front loading washing machine will allow this only up to a certain temperature.
  • Soak Wash: This feature helps you remove the toughest stains and dirt by soaking the clothes in the detergent solution.
  • Express Super Short Wash: Do you have a laundry of less than 2 kg? In that case, you should use this feature. It will wash your clothes quickly, saving you valuable time.

LED display and water recycle technology are some of the other features found in the latest fully-automatic washers. So when looking for the perfect washer for your home, make sure to look for these new features. They can make things much simpler, faster and more efficient when it comes to washing your clothes.

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