Know which Fan style suits your Requirement Perfectly

The world of fans is super rich and is full of options. This home accessory is one of the most versatile appliances around and can serve a variety of other purposes besides keeping the room airy and cool. It can be used to suck off smoke and also as a thing of beauty for giving the room a smart makeover.

Fans are required for a variety of purposes. These are, in fact, designed keeping in mind the purpose they are going to serve. That is why, you find fans that can be kept on table, or mounted on wall and also installed on ventilation window to make the room smoke-free. Here is an overview of typical fan types that are sure to catch a buyer’s attraction and help him decorate the room with eye-catchy accessory.

Wall Mounting Fans

The fans mountable on walls serve the purpose of spreading air to the remote corners of the room. Mostly, fans occupy the center point of the setting. But, the centrally placed fans cannot make air reach the corners. So, if you have the study table in the corner or a small dining table far from the reach of air circulated by fan, you can take help of wall mounted fan to make all corners airy. Such fans are certainly useful in making every inch of the room habitable and enjoyable.

Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans are the most basic fan type. This type has seen enormous evolution and now makers have gone way experimental with the looks of this ageless home accessory. You can find curved blades, stylish mounts and other improvements in the looks of fans. Stylish colors and metal finishes and of course, eye-catching lighting kits make what we know as designer ceiling fans. Such stylish fans become more desirable when they are equipped with features like energy star ratings and multi-utility specifications.

Exhaust Fans

Any of the rooms such as basements, kitchens, attic spaces and other restricted spaces of the house need domestic exhaust fans. These exhaust fans are available in different sizes, shapes and colors and metallic finishes. This type of fan is ideal companion to the cleanliness freaks and also to the workers who require spending long hours of the day in limited spaces. The exhaust fans are also found quite useful in kitchens, and offer smoke-free environment for cooking to the lady of the house.

Table Fans

Introducing the idea of portability into fans gave way to the category of table fans. Just take the fan to the place of your choice and plug into the nearby socket and enjoy cool breeze of air. Table fans make ideal solutions for set-ups where ceiling fan installation is not feasible. These are also useful for outdoor use. You can browse through a variety of options while fans online shopping and pick the one that is smartest in appearance and most promising in function.


Extreme heat is beaten best with the help of coolers. These use water and a mat for circulating air in the room at a high pace and make the surroundings super cool. You can enjoy portability factor and better performance. They are a bit pressing on energy bills, but are nice option for extremely hot weathers.

So, when you are out to renovate your home and need a source of air around, think of fans. These are your comfort partner since ages and have an undisputable reputation amongst home appliances.

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