Why Does your Kitchen Demand a Mixer Grinder and Fruit Juicer?

Small appliances like mixer grinders and fruit juicers are useful indeed, they reduce time and labour inputs. When you buy these appliances, check out the basic features like wattage, security, speed, material and pulp collector.

Multitasking is the ideal strategy to cope up with a busy schedule. A mixer grinder can pacify your household work, particularly if you are running behind time. It is wise to buy a mixer grinder online, as you can get quality products from the top brands. Besides, a vast range of products is available on the portals, making it easy for you to get exactly what you need. A mixer grinder grinds as well as mixes different types of food at the same time. It cuts down your time and saves your labour.

Here are three good reasons, justifying the need of a mixer grinder in a modern kitchen.

  • They are versatile gadgets, you can accommodate everything from milk to nuts in it.
  • You can prepare different types of recipes at lightning speed
  • Mixer grinders are easy to use and no complicated process is involved.

When you buy the product, take a note of these features.


When you go online for the best mixer grinder, make sure that the power consumption is above 450 Watts. Different models, with capacities of 600 Watts, 750 Watts and other varieties are available in the market.


Many of the models have different speed options. If you want to further customize your choice, a 3-speed model can be ideal for your kitchen. It indicates how fast the gadget will produce the output. Go the stainless jars are more durable, and the LED indicators make it easier for you to operate them.

Security and other features

You should opt for a model with dome locking system, ensuring extra security. The copper winding should be of good quality and it is recommended to buy one with hands-free operation. In order to know the mixer grinder price, simply go to the official portal of one of the leading manufacturers and check out the product.

How to choose a fruit juicer?

Well, you may also opt for a slow juicer if you frequently need to prepare juices and beverages. While buying a fruit juicer, you may go for two to three jars. These jars are meant to filter the pulp.

  • A minimum capacity of 2 litres is necessary for the pulp collector.
  • To increase the efficiency of the slow fruit juicer, choose a model with stainless steel mesh.
  • The motor should have an indicator to prevent overloading.
  • Moreover, you can go through the ratings and pick a fruit juicer which is suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables.
  • Here too, the multiple speed control mode enables you to control the speed. Apart from this, it makes the drink hard or soft.
  • The leading brands offer several high-end models, sophisticated in looks. They will definitely make your kitchen appear elegant.

If you want to start your day with a fresh boost of fruit juice, get a fruit juicer today. A slow juicer price from a leading brand is generally around 4-5K. You can also go for a juicer mixer grinder, as they serve both the purposes. You can crush spices as well as prepare milkshake on these small appliances.

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