Job Oriented Courses In The Field Of Automation

In the present times, the cruel truth for any mechanical engineering course is that even the degree course alone is not enough. The gap between courses taught in the classes and the expectations at the workplace are making things difficult for even the engineers. They need to add some job oriented courses in their resume to earn better chances at high paying jobs. So, listed here are some mechanical engineering courses that are becoming more and more popular with job seeking students.

  1. Machine Design Certification or Diploma: Machine design is a specialized branch which is touched superficially in a regular degree course. The newer advancements taken place in this field may be entirely missing in the age old courses. Degree programs focused only on minting money and producing grade holders conveniently miss these time-relevant subjects. So, joining a machine design course after 12th can be a clever move to become more desirable candidate.
  2. Industrial Training Courses: These courses are available as part of internship during summers and also as a full-time course. The industrial training covers various topics such as process design and automation, cloud computing, HVAC design and drafting, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and many others. All these courses cover some portion of industrial set-up and make the candidate more relevant for the jobs available.
  3. Automation courses: Students can pursue automation courses in Delhi, a city which is one of the most prominent industrial hubs of the country. These courses are designed by prestigious institutes. Some of the top brands like L&T are also coming up with their specialized courses. This is a new trend as such big brands are not able to find suitable candidates who can match up with the world class processes these follow. The students going for such courses can rest assured of the placements as these brands absorb the deserving candidates and offer them internship and management trainee posts. So, these courses can be called the assured ticket to the corporate world which was still far even with an engineering degree.
  4. Smart Process of Automation courses: This is the course full supportive of the latest trends. The present world belongs to Internet of Things or IoT. The smart way of working of machines is what IoT delivers. IoT is a network of interconnected devices which are a part of internet enabled device. The machines can be made to work one after the other with the help of sensors and can be controlled remotely with a smart phone or tablet. This course certainly adds value to the engineering degree and makes the candidate more suitable for the jobs.
  5. SCADA courses: Supervisory control and data acquisition courses train the students according to the job requirement of middle management of a modern organization. Data forms the core strength of any modern organization and so faster, ethical and safer ways of acquiring it should be learnt to stay ahead of the competitors.

Abundance of engineering colleges in the country has definitely decreased the value of degree courses. Thus, find all about the additional job oriented courses that can provide cutting edge to your engineering course.

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