Industrial training courses better than degree course

Resumes reading only graduation as education qualification are being dumped cruelly these days. The students have no idea what to do after graduation unless they have family business to take care of. In such scenario, diploma courses after 12th in various interesting streams are coming to the fore and grabbing the curiosity of the new and enthusiastic learners. Let’s decode the life after 12th for those who want something better to do than a plain degree course.

  1. Diploma in management: Entrepreneurship is the cry of the hour. If you have one idea that can make difference, you must be aware of how to take it to the end users. You also should know what works behind the scene when an idea is converted into a reality and sold to the end users. A diploma in management is one such course that helps you hone the entrepreneurial skills and make the best use of these in becoming self-dependent.
  2. Diploma in Fine Arts: Creative people can indulge in their passion such as drawing, painting, clay modeling, pottery, sculpture and others by fine-tuning their knowledge of fine arts. Not everybody is meant for industrial training courses and can find it an alien concept. So, if you want to give your creative sensibilities a try, the diploma in fine arts can be a promising option for you.
  3. Diploma in 3D animation: A very exciting course that makes use of drawing skills, computer graphics skills and lot of imagination. The aspirants can call this course a goldmine of opportunity as they are required both in IT and entertainment industry. 3D animation course is anytime better than degree courses. The latter are not liked by people who have no mugging skills but are patrons of creativity. Therefore, this course lets you create more, follow less and explore unlimited.
  4. Automation courses in Delhi: Office automation, process automation or business automation is the urgency everywhere. The manual intervention is time-consuming, exposed to errors and can be manipulated beyond recognition. Therefore, recruiters demand for the candidates with automation skills and are flooded with employers’ requirements for such people. Thus, this course is surely an icing on the cake if you are a graduate, or choose to study degree and automation course together.
  5. Diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty Culture: Quite popular with both boys and girls, this course brings aspirants one step closer to the world of fashion and entertainment. The celebrities need beauty experts and skin specialists to look their best. A variety of cosmetic procedures require experts who have knowledge of Cosmetology. Thus, this course can be your ticket to the world of show business. When not providing consultancy to the celebrities, the experts can run salons and beauty training classes and live life of self-sufficiency.

Thus, the life has loads to offer even if you choose not to be as ambitious as those aspiring for engineering and medical courses. Just introspect and find where your strengths and interests lie and take courses accordingly. You surely will never be frustrated!

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