Why Are Induction Cookers Quickly Replacing Traditional Gas-Cylinders?

Electrical kitchen appliances are gradually replacing the traditional gas-cylinder in the Indian kitchens. Induction cookers are beneficial in terms of power consumption, time, space requirement and other reasons.

Induction cookers made a late entry into the Indian kitchen, but have caught up fast with the trend. Easy portability, fast cooking and sleek looks are the primary reasons for its popularity. Moreover, new gadgets like electric cookers and sandwich makers are also being widely adopted. The fast pace of living has resulted in the widespread use of these gadgets. Well, if you are ready to buy an electric cooker, you can simply go to the official website of the leading brands and check out the features. You will also find the electric cooker prices there. Go through the reviews and star rating, compare the models and make your purchase.

You may be wondering why these kitchen appliances are increasingly becoming popular among the users. Here are five reasons why people are switching to induction cookers.

Space management

On an average, a gas-cylinder occupies a considerable area of the working and storage space in a kitchen. You need to clean the gas over too, from time to time. On the contrary, an induction cooker can sit in a little corner on your slab. It has minimum maintenance requirements, and saves valuable space in your kitchen. However, to ensure longevity of the product, make sure you buy it from a branded company. Check out the induction cooktop price, features, colour specification, power consumption and other features before you buy it.


Induction cookers enable people to change the temperatures, which are displayed digitally on the device. Moreover, it is safe to use. You may burn your fingers on a heated gas oven, but not on an induction cooker.

Fast cooking

Speed matters the most when it comes to modern lifestyle. You cannot afford to spend hours together inside your kitchen, especially if you are a working parent. As induction cookers heat up the food extraordinarily fast, you can spend quality time elsewhere.

Moreover, the availability of gas is uncertain. You may find that the cylinder has expired all of a sudden. In these cases, an induction cooker comes to your rescue.


Energy efficiency is one of the prime reasons adding to the popularity of induction cookers. They not only consume limited power, but can also avoid wastage of electricity. The required temperature can be adjusted on the display, according to the nature of the food. A number of icons are present, determining different temperatures. When the optimum temperature is reached, the gadget automatically cuts off the power intake, thereby saving it. An ideal induction cooker comes with 8 preset cooking options, around 1900 watts power consumption and 3-hour preset-timer. Although it is marked around 1900-2000 Watts, the actual consumption is much lower, varying between 900 and 1400 Watts.

Well, you may also look out for other kitchen appliances, like electric cookers and sandwich makers. You can customize the features and decide the model in the same way. The sandwich maker price is determined according to the features you require. It is recommended to shop quality appliances from the leading brands to ensure their longevity. Choose your appliances wisely to enjoy hassle-free cooking hours.

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