India A Very Lucrative Market for Smartphones

Best Mobile PhoneIndia, with its vast population has proved to be a very lucrative market for Smartphones in the recent past. So high is the demand across Smartphones of different categories and prices that it is possible for a number of Smartphone companies to exist side by side in this market today. However, since the Smartphone sale is dependent on its ease of use, there are certain Smartphones which score over the rest. Such is the craze of owning a Smartphone in India that latest Smartphones are lapped up the moment they are introduced.

Availability of Smartphones

Today Smartphones are available almost in every shop and every online store selling gadgets and electronic equipments. In fact websites like snap deal, flip kart etc., see a huge upsurge in web traffic, the moment new Smartphones are launched in India. With the first quarter of 2017 almost coming to an end and Smartphones taking centre stage in our day to day life, there have been many companies who have introduced their latest mobile and Smartphones on the internet. It is a well-placed strategy of the manufacturing company to introduce different models in online and offline shops. This helps to:

  • Prevent a price war over the same model of the phone and
  • Ensures a healthy profit margin for one segment that enjoys relative monopoly for one particular model.

Also with both mobile selling stores and websites coming up with innovative and lucrative discounts and customer specific schemes, flaunting latest mobiles in India has become a craze.

New mobile trends

Many Smartphone manufacturers have either

  • Planning to come up with new models,
  • Are already in the process of launching new models or
  • Have already launched their newer models in the year 2017.

Consequently manufacturers of android, iOS, Microsoft etc., phones like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, VIVO, Lenovo, Motorola etc., are all ready to take the market by storm.

Some of the latest Smartphones in India models that are slated to making headlines this year are:

  • The Apple iPhone 8 which is coming with an array of features to make it much more user friendly yet retain the Apple edge,
  • The Samsung Galaxy range of phones, some of which are already making headlines because of their sleek looks and applications,
  • The LG G6 with its superior imaging technology which makes for precise and crisp colour display,
  • The VIVO V5 plus, mobile which is trendy as well as pocket friendly,
  • The Motorola series which aims at capturing the gaming market too with its Moto brand of phones sold online,
  • The Nokia 6 which is being touted as the comeback phone for Nokia who had pulled out of the Smartphone market in the last few years.

These models of the latest mobile phones which are already launched or are in the process of being launched are already trendsetters. Backed by a huge marketing campaign, it is no time when every hand in India will be holding either of the above mentioned models in the year 2017 itself.

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