Importance of FSSAI license

FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an autonomous body established under Food Safety and Standards Act,2006, for supervision of various food- production and sale related activities. Its primary role is to lay down a common standard for all food articles and regulation of their production, packing, supply, sale and ingress for ensuring the availability of safe and healthy food for all human beings.
What is a Dietary Supplement License?

In India the Food Law is laid under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 states that no individual can produce, distribute, sell or import any kind of new food, or any kind of dietary supplements without obtaining proper permission from the government. One has to obtain Dietary supplement license before starting the business. After proper inspection of manufacture or import facility, the product and its ingredients by government’s Food Safety officers or third-party entities, the license is issued, that helps in protecting human beings from consuming any poor quality, non-compliant and adulterated food products. The process of getting this license is quite stringent, for which an FSSAI license consultant can help in getting the license more easily and quickly.

Want to start nutritional supplement product business, then know about the license you need to obtain before starting your business!

In the present-day scenario, there is tremendous growth of health consciousness and the disposable income of the people in the country which has led to rising demand for the various nutritional supplementary product. This is the reason why nutraceutical market is growing fast and will reach the very high peak by the year 2020. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to start a business of nutritional supplement products. For this to be done smoothly, there is a need for a certain license.

But before starting a business of nutritional supplement products, you have to obtain a Functional food license or Nutritional supplement license. Without getting this license no person is allowed to produce, circulate, sell or import any kind of new food, or modified food and food with particular nutritional uses or for any special dietary purposes.

For obtaining this license you have to fill up necessary forms and submit documents online and pay the required fees. The Government will do all necessary scrutinization of the documents, and if additional documents are required, then you will be asked for a resubmission within 15-30 days. After that, the license is issued. But the normal process takes very long. If you want to get your license within the least possible time, then it is better to hire an FSSAI license consultant.

Now let’s discuss on the importance of Functional food compliance FSSAI

As we have discussed how important it is to obtain the license for nutritional products. Now let’s discuss on how there is a requirement to comply with some of the agreements like foods ingredients and additives compliance, functional use compliance along with packing and cataloguing compliance, labeling compliance, advertisement compliance and other such supervisory compliances. There exist a regulation called Food Safety and Standards (HealthSupplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary Use, Food for Special Medical Purpose, Functional Food andNovel Food) Regulations.

Therefore, it is highly important to make an ethos of acquiescence around food safety within the group along with complying with the national guidelines around food protection and stay updated with all altering food safety and supervisory requirements.

It is because of this enhanced supervision by regulators, development of new regulations and increasing consumer power, all food-related businesses are required to capitalize on food safety compliance systems to create trustworthiness and conviction.

Thus, from this article, we can see how the government is actively imposing various regulatory standards and guidelines for procurement, manufacture and provision of safe and clean food for human consumption. So, if you are thinking of starting food business then better is to obtain the required license with the help of an FSSAI license consultant, who will complete the process rapidly, making the product compliant with all the required set guidelines..

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