A Guide on Choosing the Best Kitchen Appliances

There are different types of kitchen appliances that are required to have a fully functional kitchen. Some of the most important food preparation appliances include the mixer grinders, food processors, electric cookers, oven toaster grillers, and the sandwich maker. Whether it’s about preparing the dinner or just a snack, you could choose the right appliance as and when needed. Before you get the right appliance for your kitchen, make sure you know about the latest features.

Mixer Grinders

The mixer grinder is a must-have food preparation appliance for all homes. Some of the latest features to look for when choosing these domestic appliances are as following:

  • Motor: Mixer grinders are available with motors ranging in power including 500W, 600W, and 750W. You should choose the right power configuration based on your needs.
  • Overload Protection: Check the grinder if it has an LED indicator for overload protection.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Choose mixer grinders with blades made of SS-304 and SS-202 grade stainless steel. They last longer because they don’t corrode easily and don’t rust. The material also doesn’t interfere with the food quality even when hot.
  • Air Duct: Specially designed air duct increases motor life and reduces noise.
  • Multi-Speed Digital Control: Look for mixer grinders that allow you to use pulse function for a specific speed. Some of the latest appliances also feature a digital control panel.

Food Processors

Food processors are must have home kitchen appliances required for slicing and shredding. Some of the latest food processors feature both metal and plastic blades for versatility. Some also come with citrus press to allow you to juice a wide range of fruits.

Some of the features to look for when choosing these appliances include the following:

  • Powerful Motor: Look for a unit with 500W of power output.
  • Blender Jar: Does the appliance have a large blender jar and fruit filter?
  • Multi-cup Bowl: Look for a unit with 8-cup chopper bowl having a feeding chute.

Electric Cookers

The latest electric cookers are available with capacities ranging from 1.8 liter to 2.8 liter. They feature high performance output of 700W to 1,000W to address different cooking needs. You should look for the following latest features in these appliances:

  • Intelligent Heating: It should automatically adjust the temperature control. Some of the new electric cookers can have firewood heating as a special mode that allows perfect rice cooking.
  • Micropressure Valve Control: This feature prevents overflow and enhances the food’s nutritional value.
  • 24-Hour Keep Warm: This feature ensures that the food remains warm up to a staggering 24-hour period.

Oven Toaster Grillers

These cooking appliances are available with a wide range of capacities and power configurations. You should choose the right one based on your family size and needs. The most popular options have capacities of 18 liter to 45 liter and are available in different wattages including 1200W, 1500W, 1600W, and 1800W.

Some of the main features of the latest oven toaster grillers include:

  • Motorized rotisserie function for complete grilling.
  • Non-stick bake tray made of food grade material for hygienic cooking.
  • Easy temperature adjusting in the range 100 to 250 degrees.

Similarly, you should evaluate the different features and functions of sandwich makers, air fryers, induction cookers and pop up toasters when choosing the perfect appliances for your kitchen. Today, you can find appliances at affordable prices with all the key features required for convenience and speed.

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