A Guide on Choosing the Best Electric Heaters

Winters are cherished for the chilling cold breeze by many. But most would like to tuck into the blanket and enjoy the warmth provided by electric heaters. Whether you like to spend the cozy evenings with family or with friends, having a heater can make the winter months much more bearable. No matter how airtight your home is, there is always a chance of cool draft making its way indoors. This is why you should choose a high quality, feature-rich and efficient heater.

Benefits of Electric Heaters

There are many benefits of having an electric heater compared to using any other traditional method of heating your rooms. The most obvious benefit is ease of installation and use. All you will need is a simple room heater that can be placed in any room or at any place you need to be warm. There is no need to burn any wood or contribute to carbon dioxide emissions.

Main Features

When choosing the right type of room heaters online, you should know about the latest features and options available in the market.

Fan Heaters

Some of the main features of latest fan heaters include:

  • Fan heaters are available with superior power configuration with the option to adjust between 1300W and 2000W
  • Look for heaters with ceramic heating element that means higher energy efficiency, safety and speed
  • Look for oscillation feature so that hot air can be distributed in different directions
  • Some fan heaters have cleanable dust filters for keeping out dust
  • Make sure to choose a heater with over-heating protection

Some of the latest heaters switch off automatically of they fall or tip over.

Oil Filled Electric Heaters

If you are looking for an energy efficient heater for your home, you should consider choosing oil filled electric heaters. In such heaters, the oil works as a heat reservoir and retains the heat for longer. It will keep heating your room even when the heater is switched off. Some of the main benefits of choosing such heating systems are as following:

  • These units have high energy efficiency and consume lesser electricity.
  • The heater will not affect the room’s humidity or oxygen levels, making them healthier for everyone including children.
  • These heaters are among the most silent room heaters.
  • Oil filled heaters are also considered safe because they don’t offer a hot external surface. You can also place them away in a corner.

These heaters are available in power ranges of 2500W to 2900W and can feature 9, 11 or 13 fins. You should choose the right one based on your requirements. Some of the main features of oil-filled heaters include thermostatic heat control, tilt switch safety feature, and multiple power settings.

Heat Convectors

Heat convectors use a different but effective method to heat up your room. They use convective method to warm the air in your room. Some of the main features to look for when choosing these heaters are as following:

  • Multiple Heat Settings: Some of the latest heat convectors have two heat settings ranging from 1400W and 2000W.
  • Over-heat Protection: The unit will switch off automatically if there is over-heating.

So when choosing the right type of electric heater for your home, you should look for the above-mentioned features and functions. Look for a more energy efficient system that offers convenience and safety. Today, you can easily find a feature-loaded heater within your budget.

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