The Good Life 101: Importance of Maintaining a Good Posture

A lot of people complain about backache, pain in the joints or muscles after staying in a position for a long time. This may be due to the fact that they were maintaining an undesirable posture for a long time. Sitting straight, standing tall, lying properly are some of the postural disciplines one should maintain in order to be fit, look confident and ensure a good functioning of the body.

Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control.

–   Joseph Pilates

‘Sit straight, stand tall’ is one quote which most of us have been instructed since school times. That is because maintaining a good posture bespeaks a positive body language. Maintaining a proper posture not just visually makes you look nice but also is a key indicator of a fit body. Many of us sit for long hours in front of our systems in colleges or offices and don’t pay heed to posture or alignment of the body. A person with an improper posture may complain of a backache or neck pain and may immediately not realise why.

Here are certain factors that elaborate why having a good posture is mandatory:

Reflects your persona

It’s true- A correct posture always essays the image of a confident personality. The easiest way to validate it is simply stand in front of a full-sized mirror and slouch yourself. Embarrassing, isn’t it? This is mostly how many people walk normally. Now stand erect and see the smarter version of you. That is what and how you should always maintain. This is also important at a psychological level. Assuming that standing straight is a ‘power pose’, experts say that it gives a 16 percent rise in your Testosterone levels and reduces stress levels since you feel more confident and optimistic about your body.

Essential for digestion and circulation

Your intestines in the abdomen function normally as they acquire their natural position enabling a proper digestive process with adequate vitamins and minerals intake. There have been reported cases that incorrect posture has led to severe problems like indigestion, acid reflux, constipation and hernia.

Muscle and joint improvement

In order to keep your joints and muscles rightly aligned, proper posture is a must. It strengthens the muscles around the joints and prevents the wear and tear of the joint preventing early development of severe problems likes arthritis or ligament ruptures. Good posture increases the efficiency of the muscles, makes it more flexible and lessens the chances of muscular fatigue.

Stronger spine

The most essential and crucial aspect of maintaining a proper poster is related to the spinal cord. When sitting for long hours at your workstation, it’s a mandate to keep a continuous check on your back positions, spine should be neutral at all times. Back support is extremely necessary.

Maintaining a ‘rounded back’ for a prolonged time may alter the structural anatomy of the spine. This can also affect the blood vessels and nerves. So, keep a mental check on your posture from time to time and mentally alert yourself always to ‘Keep your back straight’.

Breathing and Respiratory functions

If you slouch for a long time you’re not giving ample room for your lungs to function properly. At times you experience inefficient breathing because of too much slumping for hours which is not providing sufficient space to your rib cage to respire properly. Sitting and standing in an upright position makes it more comfortable to experience deep breathing.

What attributes a good posture?

  • Correct sitting position
  • Correct Standing position
  • Proper lying down

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