FSSAI product approval and ingredient approval.

Safety of the food we are consuming is a matter of major concern and is quite imperious as well. This is the reason why government authorities are taking various measures for decreasing the risk involved in food safety. However, as per the new developments taking place in the food industry, the regulatory norms must not restrict the innovation from being sold in market. Non-Specified Food Approval or Food product approval/ingredient approval is one of such major step taken by government. It is a comprehensive validation according to Indian rules to bring the product to the Indian market matching the pace with other countries and globalization.

Well! What is food product approval and how it is obtained?

In an attempt to deliver unique, innovative, good quality, wholesome and safe foods to the customers, the government has made it mandatory for all Food Business Operators (FBO’s) to obtain a Non-specified Food Approval from FSSAI for the products not yet listed in the regulations or are manufactured using innovative technology. This ensures that the food that is being supplied to customers is safe for consumption according to set scientific standards.

FSSAI is solely responsible for issuing the Non-Specified Food Approval or Product approval or Ingredient approval and further FSSAI license according to set guidelines. For approval the respective food will undergo in-depth analysis, to know whether it is safe for human consumption. A standard product should contain all the ingredients and quality parameters as mentioned under the required rules and regulations, laid down by FSSAI. When a food product contain ingredients that are not included in the Food Safety and Standard Act and Regulations, it needs the Non-specified Food Approval or Food Product Approval from FSSAI and tsales@1234$hen license before they are introduced in the market. Other than this, some other reasons for which a food product approval is needed are:

If the product does not have the previous record of safety assessment.

  • A product that is new to the food industry (Novel) or is produced using innovative/novel technology.
  • A product containing completely new ingredients neither produced in the country nor have the regulations for it


Now let’s discuss how to get food product approval

At first, the business owner has to register the business and then apply with all relevant and required information as per the Form I provided. The food product must have the label as set by FSSAI guidelines. Then the next step is the payment of the required fees. When payment is received all the necessary documents are scrutinized. Upon proper compliance, the approval is granted.

Moreover, it is also important to know about the different documents that are needed for filling for food product approval. The documents are business name, business address, manufacturer address, phone and email, type of business, product origin, name of the brand, existence in the market, manufacturing method of the product, shelf life of the food product, size of the package, details of the ingredients in the product, serving details, real-time stability data sheet, history of consumption, product safety data, regulatory data in other countries, etc.


How important ifsNon-specified approval or product/ ingredient approval from FSSAI?


A Non-specified approval or product or ingredient approval is highly important to ensure that the food brought in India is a wholesome food or with a particular nutritional benefit andis safe for consumption by humans. Also it is to check that it has and follows the worldwide regulatory standard for the product intended for approval. It includes scrutinization of everything that is manufacturing details, safety data, history of consumption and also worldwide regulatory data.

If by any means the seller doesn’t have FSSAI product approval for their Non-specified products or ingredients or novel foods or ingredients or processing aids or new enzymes or microbial strain, then he has to incur a heavy fine and, in some instances, the food manufacturing/imports will be banned and the product will not be sold in the marketplace.

As you already know how important it is to obtain food product approval, for selling food products in the market, therefore you must be wondering what to do to make the approval process less difficult and quicker? Well! Then you can hire a recognized agency or expert who can make the process less stringent. All you have to do is provide them all the necessary documents and within few days get your approval.

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