Find out the Perfect Beard Style for your Face

Beard has always been a symbol of pride and honor. For men who love to rock their look with a beard, following are different styles that they can opt for.

Beard is for keeps. This is not just a mere combination of words but a matter of pride an honor. Beard is to men what territories were to kings. The beard trend is highly evident in the society and given that there are different face cuts that people have, beard styles vary for each of them. In order to achieve perfection, it is important to gain an insight on what suits your face the best and how to maintain it.

Following is a list pf different beard styles consolidated for you in an article. Read and find out more about your ideal beard style. Experiment as much as you want.

  1. Bablo
    Who does not know Robert Downey Jr. And, if we know him, we definitely know the way he rocks his beard. The kind of beard that he has is known as a Bablo and is amongst the trendiest beard styles of all times. For men with a narrow chin, this is the perfect style. Also, maintaining it is easy. Buy a shaving trimmer online and give your beard a classy makeover right in your home.
  2. Bandholz
    Considered as one of the most respectable beards, bandholz is one name that will test your patience to the limit. To grow and maintain it, you will need to be in love with your beard. Initially, let your beard grow for some time and do not worry about your patchy appearance. Once your beard has grown to its full length, give it a proper shape using a trimmer. Check out the shaving trimmer price online and buy the best one to give your beard the respect it deserves.
  3. Circle beard
    the standard beard or circle beard is the one that you can pull of easily. It is a combination of mustache and rounded goatee. This is one of the styles that will make you look classy, trendy and tidy all at once. Perfect fro oval and round face shapes, you can achieve this by growing a reasonable amount of beard initially and then by trimming off the sides. You can use a shaver to give yourselves a clean shave on the sides to enhance the look of your beard. Buy the best shaver online and save time and money.
  4. Extended goatee
    A slight variation of the circle beard, this one requires you to only shave your sideburns. This combination of goatee and mustache suits best on square and oval faced shapes.
  5. Mutton Chops
    Mutton chops, sideburns, side whiskers are a few names for this style. Best suited on a circular or square face shape, you can achieve this by letting your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet. Allow your sideburns to grow until they become fluffy.
  6. Stubble
    This simplest amongst all the styles, a stubble can vary according your look and preference. You can choose from a short, medium and long stubble. Check out the electric shaver range available online and make a smart move by paying the most reasonable electric shaver price and picking the best one for yourself. Style your stubble to different lengths in the blink of an eye.
  7. Van Dyke

As retro as it gets, this beard has been inspired from a 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke. Form an inverted T around your chin and keep your mustache intact. This is a combination that suits men with a narrow chin. Put your trimmer to use and wipe of any other hair from your face and let Van Dyke shine in all its glory.

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