Essentials of Eating During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is a special feeling and thus, there are a few special things to be noted. Eating right during and after this period is one of the most important factors. What a mother eats is directly responsible for developing the child inside the womb. Eating right ensures that the child is born healthy and suffers no complications.

The diet during pregnancy plays an important role in determining the growth of the baby. A lack of nutrients in the diet today can be a reason for problems tomorrow.

Below is a list of foods an expecting mother must consume during pregnancy for a well-balanced diet to ensure baby’s healthy growth and proper development.


Calcium is an essential nutrient and with milk being a good source, it is mandatory that you consume at least two glasses daily. However, the body needs more nutrients at this point of time and therefore adding a spoonful of health drinks to the glass of milk makes it even more nutritious. Health drinks increase the level of calcium, vitamins and proteins adding to your health.

Consuming milk ensures that you have strong bones which are a fundamental requirement for giving birth.

Small meals from time to time

The best way to keep yourself healthy and full is by eating small meals from time to time. Also, with your cravings in place, it is best to consume whatever you like in small amounts. Once the baby grows, there is not much room for big fat meals anyway.

Something sweet is allowed once in a while

Although eating excessive amounts of candies, chocolates, etc. is not recommended, it is still permissible once in a while. Eating small portions of cakes, banana smoothie, fruit sorbet and other healthy alternatives won’t do any harm.

Prenatal vitamins are one more important ingredient you should add to your meals. The body’s high requirements cannot be fulfilled only with what you eat. For the baby to thrive, you need to consume these vitamins.

Once passed through this phase, the next important thing after delivery is feeding the child. For a breastfeeding mother, diet again plays an important role. What a mother consumes during lactation impacts her milk directly, therefore having an effect on the baby.

The diet for a breastfeeding mother should be planned carefully. Foods like cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables are important. Adding a lot of proteins, calcium, vitamins, etc. to your diet makes for a perfect start during this period.

Vitamin supplements are important, not to forget the consumption of Vitamins A, B₁₂ and C from the natural sources.

Keeping yourself hydrated is a good choice. Drinking water is an essential step to be followed during lactation. Also, consuming juices and milk helps complete the nutritional requirement.

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