The Essential Party Snacks to make it a Quirky Affair

One of the most important things at any party is the food served. Sans good food, the element of fun is always missing. Hence, at any gathering, if you ever feel confused about what menu should be on the cards, go for party snack foods which are easy to cook and sooth most taste buds. You might want to know some good options, don‘tcha? Well, I‘ll definitely roll out some options for you

Veggie burgers

They are distinctive, fast, and outrageously delicious when it comes to tasty foods on the party menu. There’s equal joy when burgers are meatless and the frozen veggies burgers are prime examples for it. It’s easy to cook as you can do it under 15-minutes and garnish them mayo, onion rings, tomato slices, etc.

Veggies patties

Not much different from the aforementioned, you can say it’s an addition to the burgers. It’s best enjoyed between two yummy hot cross buns as it’s absolutely delicious and worth every bite. The frozen veggie patties can be enjoyed with gherkins (pickled cucumbers), jalapenos, cheese slices and some experimental sauces like honey oat, mayonnaise, sweet chilli, harissa, etc.

Aloo tikki Wrap                    

The enjoyment in feasting on crispy aloo tikki that too as a wrap is truly a thing of beauty. You just need to get packets of homemade aloo tikki and half your job will be done. You can bake it or fry it, it’s quite easy. Interestingly, you can use paranthas instead of normal chapattis to make curious combos. Also, don’t forget to add Yoghurt mint chutney to obtain the amazing Desi spunk.

Sandwich Smiles

You have sandwiches, you have the Smiles, you have good music organised, no wonder your party will be totally worth remembering. This is probably the easiest recipe for any party menu and can be prepared within minutes. You just need to purchase a packet of Smiles and deep fry them until they earn the golden yellow colour and smile even wider (LOL). Serve them in buttered bread slices with some lettuce and mayo dip in the platter and Bingo! You have your party meal ready.

Thus, you have some exciting party snacks prepared which should make your friends gorge with glee. But hey, that’s not all. I would love to know what your ideas are for the ideal quick party snacks. Worth sharing!

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