Essential Health Drinks for Kids

Fluid intake is a crucial part of children’s routines and it is the parent’s duty to make sure they consume all the right drinks. Keeping a check on the servings of all the fluids is equally important.

Growing children need the most care and attention in every aspect. Be it their eating habits, the fluids that they consume throughout the day, their daily routines, and the amount of physical activity throughout the day or anything else. Inculcating habits that are useful and go a long way in making their health better in the years to come is essential from a very early stage.

Focusing on the fluid intake, let’s delve a little deeper to find out which are the essential healthy drinks for kids that should be made a part of their daily routines without fail.

This is undoubtedly one drink that cannot be missed out on. Making it a mandate and asking children to keep drinking water time and again is difficult initially. The best method to do is to provide them a sipper which is handy and lets them take a sip or two whenever they feel thirsty. Make sure you had out the sippers when your kids go out to play. This will keep them hydrated, which is very essential for the body.

If we are to name a best health drink for kids, milk is definitely it. There are numerous benefits attached to consuming at least two glasses of milk every day. It is a source of calcium, which helps strengthen the foundation of the body, i.e.; the bones and teeth. However, getting kids to drink milk regularly is a task in itself. This can be done by using kid’s health drinks. These drinks not only add flavor to the milk but also increase the overall nutritional value. They are rich in calcium, protein and various vitamins and therefore, make milk an even more beneficial drink to have. Adding a spoonful two times a day to your child’s milk will make them healthy. Also, you will not have to stress about your kids complaining about the taste of milk.

Developing the habit of drinking juice regularly is important but this has to be done with utmost care. Although a fresh glass of juice can work wonders, the juices that come in tetra packs have a few concerns attached. If your child is asking for juice and you are constantly serving them with tetra packs, it is doing more harm than good. These juices are high in calorie content. Every serving contains half part sugar and half part juice, which can ultimately make your child obese and thereafter, create problems in the future.

Also, if you are always adding water to the glass of juice, you are developing in your child, a habit of drinking liquids that are sweet. This can be a problem because drinking plain water would be difficult for the child once they become habitual of something sweet all the time.

This serves as one of the energy drinks for kids. However, there are sugar contents that you want to limit. So, especially in summers, when drinking lemonade is a retreat and also a necessity, you should make sure the numbers of servings throughout the day are limited.

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