Essential Foods for Women’s Bone Health

Women’s bones are comparatively weaker than men’s and thus, need more care and attention. Consuming the right foods in right quantities can help keep up the bone health preventing any complications in the future.

We usually look at things from outside and do not really pay attention to our internal health. Bone health is one of the aspects that is rarely paid attention to. Especially for women, it is a bigger concern because women have genetically weaker bones compared to men. It is essential to take care of the bones at the right time for a fit and healthy future. That being said, balanced diet for women is an essential aspect that should be taken care of.

Coming to strong and healthy bones, calcium is the most important of all the nutrients and should be consumed in right amounts to avoid the risk of osteoporosis. Following is a list of foods that should be incorporated in a diet for strong bones:

This dairy product has a special place in the food chain when talking about the requirement of calcium in the body. Milk is one of the richest sources of calcium and it should be included in the daily routines at least twice. One cup of milk is essentially the 30% calcium you need for your body daily. Also, to top that, milk sold in stores is fortified with Vitamin D, which helps the body in absorbing calcium. To increase the nutrient value, health drinks can also be put to use.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach
Green leafy vegetables are the best non-diary sources of Calcium. Not only this, they also have other nutrients including magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C etc. that prove as whole package for bone health.

The fact that vitamin K is essential for bone health is little known to people. It is responsible for maintaining good bone health and prevents bone loss.

Small in size but huge in nutritional value, nuts are like the tiny powerhouses that fuel up our body. Apart from calcium there are other nutrients that are required to maintain bone density for women. Magnesium is one of them and nuts being a great source, become an important part of the diet.

While eggs are also not given much attention in terms of food for bone health, they are also one of the non-dairy sources of calcium and contain around 21 mg of calcium per egg. They are also a source of vitamin-D, which is again a crucial nutrient for bone health and contributes to overall health of the body.

Other foods like salmon, sardines, red grapefruit, prunes, tofu etc. are also essential for the bone health. The best diet for women is the one that includes all the essential minerals and takes great care of their bone health thereby preventing any complications.

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