Essential Features to Check out when you buy a Geyser Online

Electric geysers are extremely useful for regular household purposes. One needs to be careful while buying a geyser online. Factors like shape and structure, efficiency, auto-off feature and other features need to be taken into account.

Electric geysers have long been the companion of Indian homes, especially during winter. With the upgradation of technology, much sophistication has been incorporated in the modern devices. The leading brands in India offer electric geyser online, so that you can choose the right colour, model, features and structure as per your needs. Customized geysers are easy to buy, you simply need to know certain essential specifications to make your purchase fruitful. You can buy instant water geysers, instant gas water heater and storage water heaters, as per your needs.

Here are 5 common things you should consider when you buy a geyser online.


The structure of the geyser should be compatible with the architecture of your home. Whether you fix it up in your bathroom or kitchen wall, the shape and size should not bother you. Sleek and sophisticated water heaters are popular among the customers. They add an extra bit of elegance to the interior. If you prefer a cultured lifestyle, make sure that smart looks come among the first few criteria when you buy water heater online. They may be vertically or horizontally mounted on the wall. The basic size should vary between 1 to 3 litres, although other variations are available.

Auto-off feature

This feature is important as it enables you to save electricity and secure your protection at the same time. You may be busy at work and forget to switch off the geyser at the right minute. The gadget gets switched off on its own, ensuring that no wastage of electricity takes place. Excessive heating of water can cause accidents too, so you can play a safe game by opting for this feature.

Energy consumption and efficiency

When you buy geyser online, make sure to have a look at the reviews. Note the energy efficiency of the water heaters. The best brands offer low-power consuming geysers, which enable you to reduce electric bills in the long run. Simultaneously, they heat up the water in the least possible time. You should have an idea about how much water you need to heat up on a daily basis. Based on this, you should opt for a geyser with higher or lower capacity.

Warranted products

It is definitely wise to go for geysers with warranty. On an average, a renowned brand offers 2 years comprehensive warranty and 5 years of warranty for the container inside. It will secure your purchase, ensuring that any damage due to technical malfunctioning within the warranty period will be repaired.

Other factors

While purchasing a geyser, take into account the number of family members, hot water required for kitchen and washing utensils, whether you live in a high-rise or not, and whether the water is hard or soft. All these factors should lead to a concrete decision about the features you require. Accordingly, the water geyser price needs to be decided.

Well, you can expect the geyser to last for at least a few decades, provided you make a wise purchase. The prominent brands in India provide high-performance geysers. Simply tailor your needs and buy your geyser online.

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