EnsuringThe Promotion Of Good Health In India

Public health is an area of priority for the Government of India and in order to ensure that it is not adversely affected in any way, the Indian Government has set up agencies which ensure that all health related objectives are met. It is also their job to make sure that all people involved in this sector either directly or indirectly follow all relevant laws, rules and regulations so that incidences of malpractice can be curbed and India actually sees a healthier tomorrow.

The promotion and protection of good health is basically achieved by the government in the following three ways:

  • By keeping a tight control over all food business operators. FSSAI is wholly responsible for ensuring that all foods commercially available in India is safe and secure to use and consume.The FBOs or the food business operators are actually people who are naturally or legally responsible for making sure that all food businesses within their control meet all the requirements of the food laws. This is done by:
    • Obtaining all the required licenses,
    • Renewing the licenses as and when they expire and
    • Ensuring that all standards set in the rules and regulations of the relevant government agencies are met.

For this it requires every food business establishment to obtain certain licenses like the FSSAI State license etc. Non-compliance can lead to hefty penaltiesor even the closure of the establishment.

  • Regulating the quality of medical devices and equipments used in India. In order to give human life its due importance and to ensure reduction both in human errors and malpractices, the medical regulatory system has become quite complicated now. Another factor which makes it mandatory for medical device registration in India is the fact that globally, India is perceived to be a market with many possibilities. Thus any company which wants to export medical devices to India or manufacture them here, need to comply with many rules and regulations set up by the DCA or the Drugs and Cosmetic Act of India.
  • Ensuring the safety of the cosmetics imported in India. The global cosmetic industry is extremely growth oriented and India has a huge demand for the same. Hence export of cosmetics and other products of personal use is a very lucrative option for these global cosmetic manufacturing giants. But it is the job of the Government to ensure that the products which are imported, distributed and sold in India do not, in any way, hamper the health of the citizens of the country. Hence this sector too is regulated based on the laws and rules set up by the DCA. Thus for every cosmetic import India, either the manufacturer or its authorised distribution partner has to apply for and get the relevant registration certificates and the required licenses. It is only after this that the company can commence its operations in India.

With the stringent measures taken up by the Government of India, it becomes necessary for companies involved in these sectors to hire a consultant who will look after the fulfilment of these requirements. There are many companies who offer their services in this respect and ensure that no hassles are faced by companies who want to do business in these sectors.

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