What are the different variants of Frozen food available on the markets today?

The concept of Frozen Food was first established by Thomas Sutcliffe Mort in 1861 at the Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia. Traditionally, freezing is considered as the best way to preserve food because the food spoiling pathogens are killed in reduced temperatures. Over the years, the Frozen Food companies have become one of the most innovative and popular of companies. The products offered by these companies are extremely suitable for snacking, ready in minutes and require the least of efforts.

Be it any party or celebration, frozen foods are always preferred. There are so many different variants and options available in the market today to choose from –

Masala Fries

Masala fries are actually French fries that are super crispy in terms of the texture. Six Indian authentic spices are combined to prepare this wonderful treat. Not just that, it has been given a hot and spicy twist with delicious seasonings which make it even more delectable.

Potato Cheese shotz

This is one of the most preferred variants, especially by the children. This is made with the combination of potatoes, herbs and cheese seasoning. Coated with some crunchy golden breadcrumb, this is perfect for a house party. Ingredients that are used include –

  • 1 bunch of Fresh Parsley
  • Potato Cheese shotz
  • 1 slice of Cheese
  • 1 slice of Pineapple
  • 2 Tablespoons of Thousand Island Dressing
  • Red pimento and Black Olives for garnishing.

Mini Samosa

Samosa as we all know is the most beloved traditional Indian snack that is always common for every occasion. The traditional Samosa is mostly vegetarian and is made with ingredients such as flour, ghee, salt, Carom seeds, potatoes, green peas, different Indian spices, chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves. Making the traditional Samosa at home, however, requires so much time and effort.

But, there is a new variant introduced that is considered one of the best-frozen food and can meet the cravings for Samosa with the least time and effort. It is available in three different flavours such as cheese corn filling, cheese jalapeno filling and cheese pizza style.

Things to remember before buying the products

  • Take notice of the condition of the product before purchase. Buy them only if they are in a good frozen condition.
  • Put it into the freezer as soon as you get home.
  • You can use it straight from the freezer. Defrosting is not mandatory.
  • Put the unused and leftover product back into the freezer as soon as you can for a fresh taste even the next time.

With these new variants of Frozen food, do not spend hours in chopping and frying. Put the pack into the oven straight from the freezer without thawing, fry for about 3 minutes and your snack is all ready to be served! Try it now!

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