What Are The Difference Between IOS And Android App Development?

Mobile phones these days have become the main source of communication be it through calls, or various messaging apps. Mobile application design and development refers to the process of writing various wireless and small computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. Through the mobile applications, the customers can avail any information relating to a particular website and make use of their services like bill payments, recharges, online shopping, booking tickets and so on.

For a business organization, it is crucial to have a website and a mobile app for the expansion of their business. It is believed that mobile applications are the easiest and the most convenient ways of reaching out to more and more people. There are various operating systems like Symbian, Android, Windows phone, Ios etc. among which, Android and Ios are the most commonly preferred by the users.

Differences between Android Mobile Application Development and Ios Mobile Application Development.


  • The programming languages of any operating system is one of the biggest factors. The most common language for Android is JAVA, however, it is believed that JAVA for Android is very different. Another language that is used for Android is C++, it was also made for making improvements to the native application experience.
  • The multitasking implementation present on Android lets any other program to run in the background, regardless of time. An Android app has the ability to do anything for which it has been given permission, while it runs in the background.
  • Android is highly customizable which means that the users can make almost every possible change in the UI. They can also add various widgets, customize effects, change launcher and so on.


  • For IOS, the programmers were using Objective-C until 2014, when Apple introduced Swift as their official language for all IOS apps. Its pattern is very easy to learn and it also helps the developers for developing mobile apps that can run on Apple devices.
  • In IOS, there is no multitasking allowed for third-party apps. There are certain APIs that are allowed to run in the background like push notifications and audio streaming. With IOS, an app stops working as soon as the user switches to another app.
  • IOS is an inflexible operating system by nature. It does not let the users make customizations. Only the wallpapers and system sounds can be changed.

Android, as compared to IOS is much flexible and user-friendly. However, it also comes at a cost. The advantage of customization through widget installations,  changing many aspects of the UI etc. often leads to excessive battery consumption, errors, more usage of CPU that increases the app load time. However, the rigidity of IOS operating systems makes the device work faster, very robust and much stable than the Android devices which makes its functionality work better than Android.

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