Diaper Diaries: Myths you shouldn’t believe

I believe legends and myths are rarely made of truth
– J.R.R Tolkien

Myths can be quite confusing as it can cause paranoia in some. Therefore, it’s better for such hogwash to be busted especially in the case of diapers. Baby diapers are essential commodities for baby protection and care. One has to realise that diapers, be it newborn diapers, toddler diapers or even baby wipes for that sake are extremely useful to guard the sensitive skin of the tiny tots. But all good things have cons as well and such mumbo-jumbo myths should better be debunked. So here are some common misconceptions encircling baby diapers.

Diaper Rashes are abnormal or critical

Truth is rashes do occur and given that babies have extra-sensitive skin, it’s a common thing for rashes to occur. Rashes are basically Dermatitis (skin inflammation) that is caused due to wet diapers/nappies that are not frequently changed. It’s easily treatable with homemade treatments although, during prolonged durations, you have to seek professional help. Remember to change the diapers whenever they’re wet or dirty and chances of rashes will be much lesser.

Pant Style diapers are uncomfortable

This is one important myth that needs to be cleared off. Pant style diapers are doing reputable business in the markets today and many parents are buying it because of it fits extremely well to the baby’s waist. In comparison to wraparounds, the PSDs snug fitting clings better to the baby’s body than many other diaper styles. So next time you purchase diaper pants make sure Pant Style Diapers are on your bucket list.

Only Extra Absorb is the best

Parents get really concerned when it comes to soaking abilities of a particular diaper which is also a valid point but limited knowledge always doesn’t help. One can prefer something like ‘Maxi absorb extra soft diapers’ which, of course, does come to the rescue but there are other types which you should look out as well. You can go for standard ones or for the airy-fitting ones which also has the least chances of causing rashes.

If wet or soiled, changed it after some time

Many advice that once the diaper is wet or soiled, it needs to be changed after, say some 20-25 mins. The truth is, it needs to be changed right away and disposed of. Especially if it gets soiled. Usually, babies don’t soil their diapers when they’re sleeping but may wet it during slumber for which the absorbing qualities provide a great help but despite everything, it’s better to change the diapers once it gets dirty.

Bulky diapers lead to physical deformities

This is usually in the case of disposable diapers or Pant Style Diapers which are heavier than their Cloth counterparts. Myths like bowed legs or spinal problems are linked to diapers which are completely false. Buying the best overnight diapers for your little one according to its sizes should be the aim and no fallacies should stop you from getting them.

Mythical facts are all around us, one can’t run away from them. That’s why is better to not pay heed to them and concentrating on baby’s health and nourishment should be of vital importance. The Internet has been of great help. You can browse through and purchase the best newborn diapers or the best baby wipes online and nurture your young offspring like a proud and responsible parent.

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