Common Types Of Fans In Use In The Current Times

While most of us are familiar with the ceiling fans, the whirring of which provides much needed relief from the heat and humidity, little do we know that there are many other types of fans present which serve different purposes.

Types of fans

  • Table fans: As the name suggests, these fans work best when they are kept on a table. In fact even before we place the order to buy fan online, a table needs to be kept ready so that when the same arrives, it can be immediately set up. The table fan is small, affordable and compact and can easily be transported from one place to another.
  • Pedestal fans: People with rooms which are pretty large, should have a look at this option before they buy ceiling fan. With the option for height adjustment, and fan heads which oscillate, they have the most appropriate air distribution system for cooling rooms of bigger dimensions.
  • Window fans: Excellent for two-way air distribution, these fans throw out the stale air from the room and bring in fresh air thereby keeping the room cool and fresh. Additionally installing these window fans also enable a person to save on both table space and wall space. Thus these fans help cool rooms which are small or which have inadequate ventilation.
  • Wall-mount fans: People with limited space in a room generally opt to buy wall fan so as to save on valuable space yet enable proper cooling and provide powerful air circulation within a room. This makes it extremely useful for industrial settings like garages, warehouses, factories, workshops etc.
  • Tower fans: They are sleekly built with a vertical design which makes it an ideal choice for small rooms. It is also less likely to tip over and fall as is the case with the top-heave pedestal or standing fans. Making almost negligible noise these fans make for great additions to both offices and homes.
  • Ceiling fans: The popularity of the ceiling price is further enhanced because of its unique combination of functionality and ceiling fan price. It provides a circulatory breeze thereby cooling down the room and is also available in a variety of designs and colours to suit the theme and décor of any and every room where they are installed. In fact the decorated ceiling fans add to the beauty of a room and are thus beautiful to look at and also functionally perfect.
  • Exhaust fans: Irrespective of whether they are installed in the bathroom or the kitchen, in order to buy exhaust fan online, one needs to know the dimensions of the hole in the wall where they are to be installed. They help to take out the stale air from the kitchen and bathroom where they are installed and prevent odours from either staying for long or permeating to the other rooms.

Thus fans have become so much of a necessity today that living without it is unimaginable and almost impossible. But the choice of the fan depends on the place of installation and the area it needs to cool. This should thus be taken into careful consideration before placing an order for the same.

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