Choosing Energy Drinks for Kids – Things every Parent must know

Today’s kids are multi-talented. Most of them participate in sports along with studies and various other activities. What this means is that they need the energy to remain healthy and fit. However, the problem is that children do not like to eat or drink healthy food. Ask any mother and you would know how fussy the little ones can be with their food. The solution? Energy drinks for kids. Yes, energy drinks are the best option to keep children hydrated and also provide them with nutrients they need to excel in sports and other activities.

Sports drinks – why are they essential for children?

Children who are involved in some kinds of sports often feel dehydrated. Although water is the best source of hydration, it doesn’t taste good and hence children do not drink it enough. A lot of electrolyte is lost through sweating which water alone cannot replace.

Sport drinks for kids can keep them hydrated and provide their bodies with electrolytes. Juices and other soft drinks though taste good are loaded with sugar and are not good for the health. If you are worried about giving your child the energy he needs along with added vitamins and minerals to ensure his growth, nutrition drinks for kids is the best option.

Active kids need more nutrition. They need to replenish the energy lost during the activities as well as nutrients to build up their body. Vitamin drinks for kids are the best option to give them the nutrients in balanced proportion.

Buying sports drinks for children – check the labels carefully

In the market, you would find a lot of products that claim to be sports drinks. However, you need to know that only adding “sport” to the name doesn’t make for a sport drink. According to government regulations, energy drinks with specific levels and combinations of electrolytes and vitamins and minerals can be termed as sport drinks or energy drinks.

While buying sport drinks for kids, stay away from glitzy advertisements. Do not go by tall claims of the brands but check the labels carefully. Look for the electrolytes level and whether it is sufficient for your kids. Get a sport drink that prevent muscle soreness and help to repair them too. You may consult a doctor also for suggestions. The popular brands available in the market contain vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is better to choose milk proteins as milk is good for children. Similarly, choose an energy drink that has high levels of vitamin C and D and also calcium. Iron, magnesium and other elements are also required for those precious little ones.

Moreover, the sport drink should contain carbohydrates in a significant amount. So, go through the labels, compare the amounts of nutrients and get the one that your little one would enjoy to drink.

Choose a sport drink that replenishes the energy lost at fast pace. It should help the body to repair the muscles.

You need to be aware of the caffeine content in the energy drinks. While a little bit of caffeine is okay for kids, but it should never exceed the permitted level.

We hope that with all these information, you would be able to select the best energy drink for your little one.

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