How to Choose the Right Hair Dryer?

When looking to buy hair dryer online, you are going to be overwhelmed by the different options. A hair dryer may seem to be a simple personal grooming device, but the latest dryers have sophisticated features that provide convenience, speed, better control and more safety. This guide provides you valuable information on the key features to look for when choosing the best dryer.

Temperature Settings

Does your old hair dryer provide you with 2 or 3 adjustable temperature settings? The latest hair dryer online from leading brands come with 2 to 3 temperature settings. This makes the device highly versatile so that you can use it with different hair types and achieve cool, hot or warm airflow. It can also help in setting different hair styles.

Some of the best hair dryers feature a straightener that achieves up to 210°C of temperature. And they can achieve this high temperature in less than a minute. 1200W and 1500W hair dryers are the most popular power consumption configurations.

Health Breeze Mode

The right hair dryer doesn’t create excess heat to cause harm to your hair. High quality dryers feature a health breeze mode that can gently dry your hair, providing protection against excess heat. It helps ensure that your hair look just the way you want them to, while also maintaining their health and longevity.

Ceramic Coating

When choosing a hair dryer, you should also ensure the quality of the straightener. Ceramic coating on the straightening plates will ensure smooth gliding on your hair. It works by providing even heat across the plates for consistent styling. A good hair dryer will also provide additional protection from overheating. It will ensure even heat distribution so that heat doesn’t concentrate in an area.

Specially Designed Nozzle

A good quality hair dryer will have a pin-point shape that allows easier curling, bending and flipping. This means ease of drying and styling and more time saved. The design will further allow closer access to the scalp for precision detailing. Some dryers feature a concentrator that allows the airflow to be directed in a certain area. This further adds to control and ease of styling. It is also recommended to choose a dryer with honey comb inlet that helps in preventing hair tangling.

Cool Air

Does your hair dryer have the cool air feature? Some of the latest high quality hair dryers feature a cool air shot that can be used for bringing shine to your hair. It will release low temperature airflow, thus offering more versatility in terms of the styles you can wear.

While considering all these features, you should also keep ergonomics and weight in mind. It should be easy to handle and be lightweight so that you can use it for long without having hand fatigue. Some hair dryers also have a lock system to add safety. When choosing a dryer, you should consider much more than just the price of hair dryer. Keep all these points in mind to ensure that you are selecting the perfect dryer for yourself.

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