How to Choose the Ceiling Fan Online

A modern household is unimaginable without ceiling fan. Capable of providing relief from heat in less hot and humid conditions, this home accessory is the first few things one buys when he enters a new house or relocates. A Buyer needs to check price, performance, durability and aesthetics, etc. to zero in upon the correct ceiling fan for home.

From a pile of Fans India, picking the one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. The ceiling fan is a must-have for a modern household. It not only reduces energy bills, but also has distinct appeal capable of transporting you to the cozy afternoons of yesteryears. This one thing has seen its fair share of evolution in the last few years and has grown to be more suave and sultry in appearance. Here is what you must check when you choose to buy fans online.

  • Energy star rating: Fans need power to run. If they consume less power, it reflects as a decent cut in the energy bills. Those appliances that score high on energy efficiency are given energy star rating. While choosing the fan online, the buyer should check the energy star rating to get hold of a power-efficient ceiling fan. It certainly helps saving lot of energy.
  • Fan with downrod or hugger style: If the ceiling is at a low height, like those in small flats, the hugger fan serves the purpose. For high ceiling room, fans with downrod are required for getting the best results. Your dealer will provide you help for installing the will decide the downrod size depending upon the room dimensions.
  • Fan controls: Look for the kinds of controls provided with ceiling fan. Some fans are to be connected with wall-mounted switch panel, while others come with remote control. There are still others who have light attached to them. The light controls must be these for such kind of fans.
  • Light type: A fan is liked a lot because of the bill size that it reduces. But, to ensure its power-saving feature, you must pick the light type that is power-efficient too. LED, halogen and fluorescent are various types of lights options you can find online.
  • Blade pitch and blade span: This feature is responsible for the fan’s efficiency to circulate air in the room. Optimal blade pitch is 10-15 degrees and it helps the fan to circulate air within comfortable limits. Neither should the person be blown away nor should he be sweating in spite of the fan available in the room. Thus, you must pay attention to the blade pitch while browsing through the best ceiling fan brand Also, our fans come with aerodynamically designed balanced blades which throws uniform air in all directions.
  • Budget: Whether installing fan is a part of remodeling process or replacement of the existing fan, the ceiling fans price has to be within budget. So, browse for the options that fall within your pocket range.

Thus, while making the fan purchase online, pay attention to these details and get the fan that stays with you for years to follow.

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