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Is Your Home Wired Right? Getting The Right Electrical Wiring Done

Electrical wiring is extremely important to get right the first time. For people who are building a home or re-doing the electrical wiring for some reason, the right cabling and wiring can mean safety for families. If you buy electrical wire online, make sure you know what you are doing because if not, it can […]

Is It Time To Jump On The LED TV Bandwagon? Things To Help You Know.

Most people can’t imagine life without television. It is a part and parcel of everyday life and it is a pleasure most people indulge in for at least for some time every day. If you are thinking of buying a new television, then an LED TV may be on your radar. Before you buy LED […]

The Best Types Of Fans You Need To Buy In India

In India, you can’t really imagine a home without a fan! It is a basic requirement. You must probably already have ceiling fans installed in your home but you may need to replace them. Well, here we talk about not just ceiling fans, but about other types of fans as well. There are several types […]

Here’s What You Need To Know If You Are Shopping For A Fan

Summers in India can get hot and humid and it is easy to feel out of sorts during those harsh months. You need a cooling presence and what better than to buy ceiling fan that provides you the ultimate in comfort. The humidity is a big factor for the discomfort of Indian summers and this […]

Buying An AC In India: All You Need To Know

Summers in India usually have people running around for some comfort. Beating the heat is as much to do with gulping down cool drinks as it is about buying an air conditioner. If you are thinking of investing in your first AC or looking for a replacement option, it is necessary that you know what […]

How To Make Smart Choices When You Buy Electrical Wire Online?

If you are building your house, getting the electricity up and running is one of the first things you need to take care of. Wiring is essential for this. Correct wiring can mean that your electrical fixtures, equipment and appliances enjoy a longer life and give you many years of service. If you have planned […]

How To Find The Best Ceiling Fans For Your Home?

The summer months are well and truly here and what better way to welcome them than by buying new ceiling fans for your home? If you already have a few, replacing them can be something you want to consider. New fans will provide better air delivery and a cooler ambience for everyone in the family. […]

LED TV – How to choose one for your home?

Buying a new television set can be an exciting time for any family in India. Indians thrive on television and it is a part of their everyday lives. If you are planning to buy an LED TV, here are some things that will make it easy for you. The screen size The screen size of […]

Tips To Choose The Best Switch Covers For Your Home And Business

Most people want their properties to look and feel beautiful. Whether it is your home or your business, some things can easily add elegance to the surroundings. Decorative switch plate covers are one such thing that can instantly glam up a room. Wall switch plates can be mundane but they can also be luxurious. Choose […]

Things To Look For When Buying A Fan

Fans are an integral part of Indian summers. These are the months that get very hot and it is next to impossible to survive without at least a couple of fans. Ours being a hot country, manufacturers have gone out of their way to bring out a variety of products to keep people cool. There […]