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Neck and Shoulder pain- When you should worry

Neck and Shoulder pain treatment is something that almost every person requires or would require at some point in life. Pain in the neck or shoulder for most of us has become a common occurrence and we have learnt to live with it. But, little do we know that ignoring these for a long time […]

5 Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Methods that you should pursue

We hear people groaning about incessant back pain for various reasons. This is quite obvious these days as people mostly are firmly stalled at their respective workstations and doing their jobs with almost no fieldwork. Pain management for back pain becomes an immediate need. People earlier used to usually cope with it in order to […]

Functional Manual Therapy and Pain Management: A Guide

If you have wanted to know about Functional Manual Therapy then the following pieces of information will definitely try to answer your queries. There are several approaches to fitness, health and pain management and each of them has benefits. Knowing how Functional Manual Therapy works and the benefits it brings to pain management will help […]

How to Cope With Pain: Tips That Will Help You

Living life with chronic pain is not an enviable situation. The very fact that one is dealing with chronic pain can lead to reactions of terror and fear from others. People who think that chronic pain is just a nuisance haven’t faced it. This article talks about it and how to cope with it in […]

What Causes Chronic Back Pain and how to cure it without Surgeries?

Physiotherapy for back pain is one of the most common treatments these days as many people suffer from severe pain in their backs caused due to various reasons. Back pain is one such condition that most of us have either encountered or might encounter at some point in life. It can become chronic if it […]