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Functional Manual Therapy and Pain Management: A Guide

If you have wanted to know about Functional Manual Therapy then the following pieces of information will definitely try to answer your queries. There are several approaches to fitness, health and pain management and each of them has benefits. Knowing how Functional Manual Therapy works and the benefits it brings to pain management will help […]

How to Cope With Pain: Tips That Will Help You

Living life with chronic pain is not an enviable situation. The very fact that one is dealing with chronic pain can lead to reactions of terror and fear from others. People who think that chronic pain is just a nuisance haven’t faced it. This article talks about it and how to cope with it in […]

Need Assistance For Food Product Approval In India? Get Across To The Experts

If you are planning to launch a new food product in the Indian market, you should take guard against the stringent legal norms in the country. Particularly, business firms often land up in a hassle while obtaining their product approval from FSSAI. It is necessary to seek a dedicated assistance from the consultants to ensure […]

Dedicated Backing For Your Dietary Supplement Business In India

For companies planning to come up with a nutritional supplement or dietary supplement in the Indian market, FSSAI License is a mandate. It is important to stay abreast to the latest legal norms in the industry and keep yourself ahead of the competition. You need to keep your business shielded against the prying eyes of […]

Experience A Hassle-Free Approval of Your Medical Device License inIndia

Thebusiness scope for companies dealing with medical devices in India is tremendoussince the medical device industry is rapidly developing in India. The government has devised certain regulations to ensure high standards of these devices. Both foreign players and domestic companies need to comply with these norms. In case you are planning to launch a medical […]

Get A Dedicated Support For FSSAI Compliance From The Experts

If you are planning to launch a food product in India, you would require the expert assistance of an FSSAI Consultant. The business environment in the country is competitive, with both foreign and domestic players entering the competition. Besides, you need to take a guard against the stringent legal norms in the country. As a […]

The Good Life 101: Importance of Maintaining a Good Posture

A lot of people complain about backache, pain in the joints or muscles after staying in a position for a long time. This may be due to the fact that they were maintaining an undesirable posture for a long time. Sitting straight, standing tall, lying properly are some of the postural disciplines one should maintain […]

Fit & Proper: Importance of choosing the right footwear

Incorrect or ill-fitting footwear is a recipe to many foot ailments, which catapult into bigger problems if not rectified at the correct stage When walking down a short aisle, climbing a small flight of stairs, or going for casual stroll becomes a dreadful walking experience, it is time to have a closer look at your […]

Why Pilates is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life

If you want to make a difference with your workout, you should immediately start with Pilates. These include a series of exercises which strengthen you to the core. Pilates is a unique fitness system which demands your strength, coordination and control. The number of people doing Pilates around the globe is exponentially increasing which is […]

What Causes Chronic Back Pain and how to cure it without Surgeries?

Physiotherapy for back pain is one of the most common treatments these days as many people suffer from severe pain in their backs caused due to various reasons. Back pain is one such condition that most of us have either encountered or might encounter at some point in life. It can become chronic if it […]