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Planning a Party with Just Frozen Foods? Read This

Having a party is all about the food. In India, whether it is a wedding or a child’s birthday party, people go for the food. So if you are planning a party of some kind, make sure that you get the food part right. With the best frozen foods available, you don’t have to worry […]

How You Can Plan a Delicious and Easy Snack Party for Your Child

Planning a party for a child can be a tedious affair. There are so many things to get done. The food is the main headache though because kids can be such picky eaters. You want to serve tasty food that everyone enjoys. This article talks about how you can choose easy snacks for your kid’s […]

Frozen Snacks: How to Pick Them?

We are what we eat. So it makes sense to take care of what we eat. Choosing good foods to eat requires paying attention. You need to be smart at it. If you are planning to stock on frozen foods such as veggie nuggets and crispy French fries, it is crucial that you know that […]

Delicious Party Snacks you should give a Try

So it is again time for your next house party and you are running out of ideas for some unique yet delicious party snacks to surprise your friends with. When it comes to preparing snacks for parties, all we can think of is to get them delivered at home from some food joint. But, that […]

Easy to Make Snacks that you’ll love Preparing

Food- That one thing which you can’t ever give a cold shoulder to, isn’t it? But simply eating is half the fun enjoyed. The real crunch lies in how you prepare it. And what’s better than treating yourself with a medley of amazing Indian and western fast foods. The best way to do is to […]

The Essential Party Snacks to make it a Quirky Affair

One of the most important things at any party is the food served. Sans good food, the element of fun is always missing. Hence, at any gathering, if you ever feel confused about what menu should be on the cards, go for party snack foods which are easy to cook and sooth most taste buds. […]

Spice up your Sunday with perfect homemade snacks

You eagerly wait for Sunday and when it arrives, you actually have no idea how to spend the day. When nothing works, ‘Eat’ (courtesy, Kung Fu Panda). You just need to get some readymade eatables like frozen foods and a lot of zeal to cook yourself a pan of heavenly fast foods. Whether it’s veggie […]

4 Different ways to spice up your regular French Fries

Despite the name, the French fries are not French. Its origin dates back to the late-1600s, Belgium. Over the years it has been appreciated and loved by people of all age and all over the world. Today, it has become the most common and popular recipe for snacking. Be it any party, celebration or a […]

What are the different variants of Frozen food available on the markets today?

The concept of Frozen Food was first established by Thomas Sutcliffe Mort in 1861 at the Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia. Traditionally, freezing is considered as the best way to preserve food because the food spoiling pathogens are killed in reduced temperatures. Over the years, the Frozen Food companies have become one of the most […]