How Can An FSSAI License Consultant Help You In Your Business?

If you are willing to launch a food product in the Indian market, it is necessary to adhere to the regulations established by FSSAI. You may reach out to an fssai license consultant for a comprehensive assistance in the process. The laws laid down by the FSSAI keep changing, and you need to seek a professional support, when you establish your business. Companies dealing with any type of food products have to abide to these guidelines, and it often becomes difficult for new companies to keep themselves updated with the latest norms. A dedicated support from the consultant will equip you to face the challenges. You can enjoy a hassle-free path when you launch your business in India. The experts will provide you with the necessary assistance in dealing with all matters related to compliance to FSSAI. You can also seek import assistance from the experts. The consultants provide strategic planning guidelines to the companies to market their products. Get across to a reputed FSSAI license consultant for a comprehensive support.

The consultants can provide you with the necessary support in the following ways:

Import assistance

You can reach out to the experts for adequate support for FSSAI Compliance. You would not like to rub into hurdled and legal issues when you establish your business. The experts are updated with the latest regulations in the industry and assist their clients with FSSAI compliance. They can help you with import assistance, while you get the foods from foreign countries into India for sale. They also help the companies categorize the food products and ingredients. Besides, you can seek their help for product approval and obtaining the IEC number. Also depending upon the products composition there may/ may not be required to obtain certificates from other departments like DAHDF, BIS, Agmark, etc.. These FSSAI consultants help obtain the associated certificates as well for your products.


FSSAI compliance

The consultants can help you understand the regulations and guidelines in the industry. They provide their clients with an end-to-end support to obtain the FSSAI compliance. This includes labelling analysis, according to the FSSAI Packaging and Labelling regulations. FSSAI compliance also includes ingredient and additive analysis, RDA analysis and other aspects. If you are an importer of food and nutraceutical products, you need to adhere to the rules prescribed by FSSAI. The consultants can help you out in the process. They help their clients in preparing and reviewing the import documents and identify the CHA in order to ensure a hassle-free import. They follow up with the FSSAI officials and ensures swift approvals for the products.You may also seek their assistance for compliance with associated regulations like that of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules, DAHDF, BIS, Agmark.

Categorization of products

The foods and ingredients need to be categorized into various categories. You need to keep the regulations of the Proprietary Foods Guidelines and Food Safety and Standards Regulation (FSSR) in mind, when you apply for registration. It is important to select the right category, depending on the nature of ingredients present in the food product. The consultants assist their clients in selecting the right category, ensuring that the FSSAIlicense and compliance isachievedin a hassle-free manner.

Get across to the consultants for the necessary support while launching your product in the market. The dedicated support from the professionals will simplify the task. You can establish your business, adhering to the established regulations in the industry.

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