A Brief Guide That Will Help You to Choose the Right Water Heater

Water heaters and geysers have been the perfect solution to your hot water requirement over the years. Not only in winter, households need hot water throughout the year. An easy to use, sleek and sophisticated model can infuse a cultured look in your interiors. When you plan to buy geysers, it is necessary to check out certain technical specifications. For instance, you will come across three broad categories of heaters. These include instant water heaters, storage water heaters and instant gas water heaters. You can personalize your choice by going through the product attributes in the official portals of the reputed brands.

Here are certain aspects you should look out for when you buy a geyser.

Safety Levels

In case you buy an instant gas water heater, the device will cut off the gas supply on its own when it reaches the optimum temperature. Normally, when the temperature of the water reaches 95-degree Celsius, the fuel supply is cut off. This prevents excess heating or dry burning. Apart from this, you can prevent wastage of energy when you get this feature in the appliance. The leading manufacturers present models that can save your energy. You can check out the water geyser price online, along with the product specifications.

Display and Touch

One of the most sophisticated features of the water geysers is the digital display and tough. You can control the functions of the device through the feather-tough controls. Besides, the LED display enhances the looks of the frontal side of the appliance. Besides, the products come with variable colour indicators, ranging from blue to amber, indicating the change in temperature of the water.


When you get the water heater from a reputed manufacturer, you will get at least 2 years warranty on the product. It adds value to your investment. In case the product suffers any technical snag in the agreed period, you can get it repaired for free. For instance, the instant gas water heaters are high-end products. They come with 7 years warranty on the inner container, while the heating element has a warranty of 4 years. Besides, the product offers a comprehensive warranty of 2 years. When you shop online, you can get the products at discounted prices. The electric geyser price depends on the technical specifications, ranging from INR 3.9 thousand to more than 11 thousand.

Quality of the Product

Well, when you think of buying a water heater, have a look at the materials. It is wise to get a rush and shock-proof outer material. The leading companies use ultra-thick stainless steel to make the inner tank. These are of superior 304-grade and the fire-resistant power cord ensures maximum safety to the product. Besides, if you live in a high-rise, choose a product with a .65 MPa bar pressure, that will make them compatible with the environmental conditions.

Choose a product with Feroglass technology that makes it easier for the device to deal with hard water. The instant water heater price varies according to the product attributes. These tips will enable you to make a wise decision when you buy a water heater.

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