Best Small Budget Phone – Features to Look For

Mobile phone users just enjoyed the idea of talking to the loved ones without standing or sitting at one place, to begin with. The mobility made way to an array of advanced features and without even knowing and understanding the use completely, all users wanted all the features in their mobile phone. But, the truth is there is no point in keeping something that users cannot even understand. Moreover, there is always a concern of data theft or security compromise hanging above the head of a mobile user if he does not know or follow the safe mobile phone practices. Enlisted here are some of the features that even a best smartphone under 10000 can offer to the consumer.

Basic features that the best phone under 15000 carries

Not all users need to share files or play games online. Some mobile phone users are so conservative that they just need the mobile phone to answer back to a missed call. Mobile phone users belong to all age groups, work classes and accordingly have different preferences too. So, here are some of the features that can make the best mobiles under 10000 a smart purchase.

  1. Mobile with external storage slot: Many Android smartphones pegged at Rs 10,000 and low come with extra memory card slot. Thus, a mobile phone with 3 GB memory is no more a key factor for considering the purchase. The mobile phones with expandable memory have the potential of meeting the requirements of storage which a layman has.
  2. Cameras with resolution of acceptable quality: First be very clear in mind what you need a mobile phone for. There is a photographer in all of us (at least the prevalent frenzy of clicking pictures of anything and everything reveals so). But, one need not expect the quality of a professional camera lens in the mobile camera to experience the joy of capturing the best moments. So, a mobile phone with 8MP to 13MP resolution is also not a bad choice.
  3. Superior quality calls: Professionals and executives who work in teams require tele-conferencing, video calling etc on a regular basis, but not a student or a retired old man certainly. The needs of users who make video calls for personal purposes can be met even with an average quality phone having limited space. If the mobile phone is able to connect brilliantly and enable calls without interruption, it is more than enough in most of the cases.
  4. Brilliant looks: If your mobile phone looks average but performs brilliantly, then why shell out extra money just for looks? There are a number of phone that qualify to be the best smartphone under 20000 but do not score much on aesthetics. To meet this requirement of good looks, a user always has an option of buying phone case cover and other accessories.

So, instead of burdening the phone with all the tasks related to communication, one can restrict and clearly define the use for the mobile handset for their individual purposes and pay only for what they are going to use.

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