Best Reasons for Installing Led Bulbs & Tubelights in Your Home

There are many benefits and features of led bulbs that make them so popular. These lights last much long, save energy and are safe for the environment and your family.

LED lights have become widely popular due to the numerous benefits offered. These lights last longer, offer bright illumination, and conserve energy. The led bulb price in India has come down significantly in recent times. Find out the main reasons for installing these lights in your home and the key features that make them so special.

  1. Long-Lasting

LED lights offer many benefits, but their longevity is perhaps the most important reason why homeowners and businesses find them truly beneficial. The incandescent bulbs used to have a very short lifespan. The fluorescent bulbs offer some good life, but none of them come close to what led bulbs can offer. Even though these lights cost more than the earliest types of lights, they can last for tens of thousands of hours or more than a decade. Once you buy them, you can forget about replacing them for more than 10 years. Some high quality lights can last even longer.

  1. Save Energy

Another big reason why LED lights are so popular is because they consume only a fraction of the electric power required by incandescent and fluorescent lights. They can produce more light while consuming lesser amount of electricity. You can save big on your annual energy costs while also recovering the initial cost of investment in such lighting. The savings over the lifetime of a bulb can be in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

  1. No Heat Generation

Another benefit of choosing LED lights is that they don’t produce heat. Other types of lights generate heat in the form of infrared rays. This allows these lightings to be installed almost anywhere.

Different Types of LED Lights

When choosing led lights for home you will find that these lights are available in different designs for different applications. LED tubelights and lamps are the most commonly used designs. Some of the key features of these lights are as following.

LED Tubelights

LED tubelights provide you some of the best illumination you can have for your rooms or large areas such as halls or outdoors.  These lights have very high lumen output and can light up instantly. They are unlike the conventional tubelights that take a few seconds to turn on. These lights can be used anywhere – at homes, offices, commercial buildings, educational institutions, and even as task lights.

Some of the key features of having such tubelights in your home are as following:

  • High brightness due to high lumen output. These are some of the brightest LED lights you can find.
  • LED lights can last for more than a decade. Some can last over two decades.
  • LED tubelights have excellent Color Rendering Index (CRI)

LED Lamps

LED lamps are more commonly used in homes and commercial buildings. Similar to LED tubelights, these bulbs also offer excellent illumination, especially in rooms and smaller areas. These lights also have excellent CRI.

When it comes to led light price, you are investing in longevity, excellent brightness, and an eco-friendly lighting solution. These lights are also available in innovative designs such as night lamps, downlighters, and more traditional-looking LED filament lights. You can choose the right design and lumen capacity based on the specific requirement for a room, an open area or the outdoors.

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