Best Dual SIM Smartphones Available In India

Best Mobile PhoneSmartphone users generally vouch by the dual SIM facility present in them. This is probably because it enables users to enjoy the services of either:

  • Two different network providers using different SIMs in the same mobile or
  • Maintain two different numbers from the same network provider.

This in itself is a point of great flexibility which ensures that a person always stays connected to his colleagues, seniors, friends and family.

Advantages of dual SIM Smartphones

Making life easier for the user by saving him from facing the hassle of keeping a track of two different mobile phones, the dual SIM Smartphone has certain distinct advantages like:

  • Uninterrupted network coverage even when travelling to remote areas,
  • Enables the user to maintain two identities especially when he wants to restrict certain people from calling up and disturbing him all the time,
  • Enables the user to keep his personal and professional life separate, if he wants,
  • In case of abroad travel, the user can put in a SIM with a local number of the place visited to avoid unnecessary international roaming charges etc.

It would not be wrong to say that dual SIM Smartphones make for the best mobile in India as they are extremely cost-effective and effective in their use.

Disadvantages of dual SIM Smartphones

The only disadvantage to using a dual SIM phone is the faster depletion of the power of the battery. In fact the greater is the usage of the second SIM; the faster is the rate of battery power usage. But this does not pose much of an inconvenience to the users since most of them move around with a power bank for storing extra power.

Thus what makes dual SIM phones the best mobile phone is that it provides the user with a two-plan flexibility and logistics of one.

Some well-known dual SIM Smartphones

Surveys conducted for predicting trends of the Smartphone market in India put forth the following brands as worth a buy. It, however, depends on the user which he favours. The different brands set to make headlines in 2017 are:

  • Samsung: This company leads the race with the introduction of a number of dual SIM Smartphones. They also come highly recommended by Smartphone experts who feel that the Samsung galaxy series makes for the best dual SIM Smartphone currently available in India.
  • Lg: The dual SIM Smartphones of this company are also worth a buy primarily because of its display, camera and picture quality.
  • Sony xperia: The Sony xperia series with its bigger screen size and camera quality also makes a formidable competitor in this segment. Of course every Sony Smartphone comes with its inherent audio advantage.
  • Motorola: This is a trusted brand which is time tested with regards to its dual SIM. In fact its battery performance is also commendable even with both SIMs working equally hard.
  • Xiaomi: This is a relatively new company which has been making quite inroads into the dual SIM market. Relatively priced lower than the other brands, this Chinese company makes Smartphones which give value for money.

There are a number of other companies which also make dual SIM Smartphones but the above mentioned ones are top of the line both with regards to value for money, service and utility. The user will, of course, have to use his discretion in purchasing a Smartphone which he feels is best for him.

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